Pre-Event Ideas…

Here are pre-event ideas in Wiki for #TNMH @luckyfish – – Who else has ideas for workshops/events to educate pre-Olympics?

Pre-Event Ideas


  • Educate to help create for better media
  • Inform and help stay outta trouble
  • Practice in hosting events process/resources
  • Build attn to purpose and house

Journalism Standards panel/workshop

Bring in old school journos, now public, tyee etc.

Basics of IOC regs, writing better, using photos, staying outta trouble

Create a “wallet card” of rights and regs

Olympic Photo Primer

Regs with using photos

Discuss laws about photos in public places

Photo walk/tour to exterior of facilities

Tour of photo galleries of past olympics (KK, daveo, raincity etc.)

and Photos Ideas beyond sports … 

Free Speech & Activism Workshop

Learn about free speech zones

Discuss security concerns, i.e. over-exertion of force

Review civil liberties and due process regarding assembly, speech, 

Invite APC and ask what they are up to?

Cultural Roundup

Find out what other events are going on with CODE and other “civic” orgs

Bring in CODE, BC IMC, Tourism Board, City govs. to give presos about how social reporters can help them, what they are up to etc.

Invite local mainstream media to come along to TNMH event 

Social Media Standards Jamboree

bring in noted web blogger geeks to outline best practices

Workshop to build blogs quick, write articles, use web tools

video/screen capture and post

Organize tagging and such