daveo: just sent out a @tnmh update + minutes and tasks list

just sent out a @tnmh update – are you on the list?

here’s the meeting minutes and task list: 


July 16, 2009 Minutes

Catalyst Internet office – 6PM
Order 6:15
Welcome Evan
Conducting DaveO

Topic: Facilities updates (W2 or …?)

Facilities: Evan viewed the bldg across from W2 which looks ideal for branding and logistics (Irwin coming later)
Topic: Brand Update
Reviewed brand logo comps – Very exciting! Blue/green and black/white
Action: get files for use
Action: Text for One-pager/Pitch plan
Wireframe of website – mission statement front and centre – use JS to collapse mission
Topic: Sponsorship
Why can’t twitter sponsor us? Dario has contact there
What kind of companies what to sponsor is? the companies who came 2nd and 3rdin the bidding and companies who want to be associated with world-changing and revolutionary activities who are aware of risk
Action: Draft Letter to Twitter etc.
Topic: Partnership updates (Tourism, Sponsors) – KK, Evan
Action: Consider airlines and tourism companies for sponsorship – 
Ideas: yelp tripadvisor, MEC, salt spring coffee, JJ Bean, molson, R&B
Action: Define How much do we need from sponsors 
Notes: – millions to keep it open – need to work with sponsors as a opportunity and partnership
Someone who can offer more than cash is key – bringing on a big brand even if money is not huge
Topic: Where is TNMH?
TNMH is *everywhere* sell co-locations/de-centralized centres to emphasis democratization of internet – takes pressure off location – satellite in squamish/whistler
encourage sharing wi-fi – web cams at the “House” TNMH is everywhere! – ustream links, sharing obsevviely – screen of “everything”
wi-fi is very important 3G is gonna be slammed! roaming charges
bank of monitors to monitor everything – URLs 
Action: research Free the net – what status of Free theNet
Action: James put Evan in touch with OnNext – Gary Cupchuk
Action: Noah – Generating list of list wi-fi options
Topic: Outreach & Relationships
Action: KK fill Evan in on contact with Vancouver Tourism
Note: Tourism consortium – richmond, vancouver, whistler working together to max exposure
Action: Bob Makin Raymond Chan  – leader of tourism consortium
Action – Link BC > federal/prov consortium – liaison  Morgan Westcott
Action – connect with Wireless Innovative Network – Michael Bidu
Action: find out what’s up with Media Co-Op Dominion – ORN – build bridges 
Action: KK What can we do for Andy Miah and how can he help us?
Notes: How do these groups feel about us? not good says Irwin distrust
Irwin says: Read the ICI Commitment – statement 
Note: Irwin asks “Are we ready to become a Non-Profit Society” – we must organize a structure.
IMC notes from Bob Makin:
BC IMC going after sponsors like ESPN extra demand from media outlets from accredited who wanna save money 
Springboard to promotion – gets distracted b tourism winery and stuff – concerned about filled up – being pragmatic at licenses and choosing ones who can give most reach around the world – promoting businesses and tourism Wireless Innovative Network – Michael Bidu
Connecting people with cultural Olympiad – main media centre covering sports, Piedmonte covering art/culture
Topic Journalism and Legal
Action: Create wallet cards Alex, Irwin, Bob, Dave:
BCLA, outside the fence – CAJ
federal trademark act provides loopholes 
what to do when in trouble? bail bonds, lawyers, 
Nadia N has law firm contact
W2 has relationship with Pivot
Topic: Event update 
notes: Plan for launch on 25th too soon, blogathon party with Miss 604 at Workspace – attend with a keg or coffee to visit and provide topics
Plan an event with journalists to help understand constraints
Adjourned 8PM
Next meeting two weeks from now – committee meet in the meantime
Have another agenda item? Please add to Wiki. Need access to wiki? Email accounts@truenorthmediahouse.com or DM @TNMH on Twitter.


Communications Tasks

X JB add authour/posted by to blogs

X DO  add hootsuite #van2010 /#tnmh tacking widget & @truenorthmedia to sidebar and/or newsdesk

X JB add search to sidebar

 X DO announce firehouse feed & twitter 

X DO announce registration to mailing list

X JB expose blog categories as drop down menu (if easy)

X JS add post for WGH with video and CTA

X JS add posts for news articles http://delicious.com/tag/tnmh

X DO add post “planning to olympics”  + invite to add activities

X DO add twitter followers

U MP tuneup badge 

U DO post badge and announce

X DO article for vancouver observer TNMH and social media

ALL add activites to calendar

DO pay domain reg

DO pay hosting

X DO copy articles to access 2010

JB announce currently signed up reporters

X JB add reporters to firehouse (olympic specific)

RB add page for tagging and sharing

X DO check in on photo plan

DO answer all those emails with offers include squamish

X Calendar & Submission form

X feed aggregator

X Participant listing

JBiehler Badge making guide

DS Flickr pool, group


KE Contextualize 2 draft blog posts announcing Squamish and Whistler media centre 

Recipe: write intro paragraph setting up i.e. Squamish has been relatively left o out of the Olympic party but they are welcoming media to come explore this recreation hub with a burgeoning downtown. At the Adventure Centre, visting media can … Here’s what there announcement says: 

(blockquote relevant section from press release)

Wrap up para: sounds like a great plan and TNMH heartilysupports their efforts, for more info, visit URL a, follow Twitter, or call: 


## KE login to Twitter TNMH account and add followers


KE Add a post about the Dave Olson in Georgia Straight article in TNMH in the news category.

Set up with short intro “Dave Olson who has sheperded the TNMH project and recenlty spoken tat Capilano Univ. BCIT, CiTR, CFAX and more media outlets about the role of social reporting at the Olympics, was featured in this week’s Georgia straight by Stephen Hui … > add blockquote with a few Q&As > wrap up paragprah, “go read the whole article and get involved, follow gearoga straight and stephen hui on Twtter

X Project: Refine copywriting & content

Overview: Review copy on site including backgrounder, & recommend additions to brand standards & media pages

Prepare “modular” copy for one-pager sheet for participants and sponsors – Hand off to Illene/Evan

Who: Jen Gerald

Deadline: Thursday

X Project Refine copywriting on Policies and Principles

Overview: Massage draft notes at: Principles & Policies into a lovely “bill of right” and operating guideline

Who: Dave


X Draft Photo posting Strategy 

Who: Dave 
X Draft Registration policy
Who: Dave
X Project: Web themeing
Who: Evan/Ilene & John/Rebecca + Noah/Ianiv as needed
Overview: Ilene creates web mockups and hands off to Johnbollwitt@gmail.com who will contact Noah and Ianiv for assistance as needed
X Task: Add Google Analytics code to site
Who: John B.
(code snippet sent under separate cover)
X Task: Add WPTouch to Site
Who: John B/ Duane
X Task: Add Contact form to site
Who: ??

U Project: Plan creation of Rights Cards

Who: Alex E Grant, Dave O, Bob Makin

Overview: Research and plans photo rights cards, reporter/assembly rights cards vis a vis IOC guidelines, what to do if sh!t hits the fan card

Related: find sponsors and legal counsel advice – contact CJA and BCLA (Note: Bob provided many contacts – will forward for reference)


Notes: Rights Education Tools

Related: www.uncleweed.com/miscellania/bustcard.pdf 




U Project: Explore possibilities for shared free wi-fi

Who: Noah

Overview:  Draft scenarios, source tech requirements, research status of FreetheNet, Ils San Fils


X Project: Solidify slogan motto/ tagline 

Who: Nadia (note: we didn’t talk about this but can you review a few ideas with me? …)
Overview: Need a 3 word tag line and a longer slogan (Note: currently i use “Strong, Free, Social” – daveo) Social Reporting from Vancouver 2010

X Project: Draft Letter for sponsors 

Who: ??

Overview: Get a letter ready to introduce the project to companies like Twitter, Yelp tripadvisor, MEC, salt spring coffee, JJ Bean, molson, R&B

X Task: James Wallace put Evan in touch with OnNext + Gary Cupchuk
Project: Prep press release & distribute to media list

Overview: Refine press release announcement to prepare for media distro

Who: Jen Gerald & …?

Deadline: Tuesday

Media Announcement Draft

X Project: Hand off Logos 
Who: Evan and Ilene
Overview: Post final versions to wiki in various formats (.eps, .png,) and include pantone and hexadecimal color info
Deadline: Monday

X Project: Start one pager layout

Who: Ilene
Overview: Two multi-purpose one-pager layouts – please use TNMH branding and photos representing media and olympics from TNMH pool but not “olympic logos, marks etc.” Note: One piece will be used for sponsor, one for general info and participants.
Photo Resources: http://www.flickr.com/groups/tnmh/pool/
Who: Ron E.
Details: Compile a simple dataset (use Google Docs/Wiki if possible) of potential bloggers and social media makers who fit our key demographic of what we seek in independent media sources who don’t have accreditation and are looking for a homebase. We are looking for smaller, grassroots, alternative, indie and social sources who are committed to coming and producing coverage beyond the sports news. I envision you performs specific deep searches to gather URL, site/blog name, contact info if possible, names, description, twitter handles, etc. for creators who are planning to come to Vancouver. This way we can invite them before the chaos starts ;-). And then we can encourage to them build in-bound links using specific search terms and so on …
X Task: Exchange contacts
KK fill Evan in on Vancouver Tourism
Bob Makin introduce Evan to Raymond Chan  – leader of tourism consortium (richmond, vancouver, whistler BC working together)
Who?? – Introduce Evan to Link BC > federal/prov consortium liaison  Morgan Westcott
Who?? – Connect Evan with Wireless Innovative Network – Michael Bidu
KK – What can we do for Andy Miah and how can he help us? Connect with people as needed
X Project: what’s up with Media Co-Op Dominion & ORN + others
Overview: Find out status plans and endeavour to build bridges with other like minded organizations who may feel distrust – spread message that we are here to help everyone
Who: ?? Dave, Irwin, KK & ??
Project: Draft Society Documents and Board org plan
X Project: Draft Business plan
U Project: Write Sponsorship Proposal doc
U Project: Editorial Guidelines document for Blog
Who: Jason, Jeff
Project: Define tag conventions and set up monitoring dashboards
Who: Rebecca Bollwitt

X Project: Refine Open Letter no #3

Overview: Consider this a positioning statement and a “non-press-release” 

Who: Matt/Jen G.

Deadline: Tuesday

Open Letter #3

X Task: Update DNS records

Who: Ianiv
Overview: point www.truenorthmediahouse.com to root & wiki.truenorthmediahouse.com to sites.google.com/site/vancouver2010alternativemedia/
X Project: Find out where to Register a .mh address
Who: Noah
Overview: get details for registering tn.mh (marshall islands) – ask dave for registration details

X Twitter – set up in hootsuite and add editors with initials, add twitter bio + bg

X Choose theme (thesis) for WP + install

X Set URLs for WP (no date, just post title )

X Static page for entry (with blog post highlight )

X Create editor accts for commincations desk facilites desk logistics desk partnership desk – approval queue Overview of each dept

X Event calendar

X Static pages for FAQ about principles

X Create flickr group to create batch of stock photos – http://www.flickr.com/groups/tnmh/ – kk

X Tune short description for use

X Create email list for steering@ communcations logistics partners etc

X Send update to group