“Iain Black discusses the $500K tab for renting Terminal City Club”

Lesson in weasel speak ~ Iain Black discusses the $500K tab for renting Terminal City Club for Olympic period http://ow.ly/xoAU #TNMH


Earlier, we reported the provincial government directly awarded a contract worth up to $650,000 to host business leaders and foreign dignitaries at the Terminal City Club during the length of the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. In a scrum with reporters, Small Business, Technology and Economic Development Minister Iain Black said that contract wasn’t tendered because the club “was deemed by the protocol office to be the only facility downtown which had the combination of security requirements, the flexibility of the space and the size to accommodate the number of people that are expected at some of the different events that are anticipated to be held during the Olympic and Paralympic Games.” But he dodged repeated questions about whether the cost of booking that club was an Olympic expense.