David Berner: “Think Like Us or…”

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David Berner – Saturday, October 10, 2009

[respectfully posted here in full for posterity and archival purposes regarding media, civil liberties and Vancouver 2010 Olympics]


The provincial government wants to come into your home and property to tear down any sign it may not like.

All in the name of the Olympics.

If you are not already offended by this, you should be.

Introduced this week, the proposed legislation would temporarily allow officials in Vancouver, Whistler and Richmond to enter a property with 24 hours notice to take down an improper sign or graffiti, a change from the current process, which officials say can take weeks.

The new powers to quickly remove signs would be in effect only during the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, officials said.

Suppose I put up a sign in front of my house or in my apartment window that said, “Let’s face it, the Premier is an old poop.”

Suddenly, the jack boots are breaking down my front door?

What gulag have we become all in the name of snowboarding?

City Councillor Geoff Meggs thinks all of this is benign.

“We don’t believe any of [the changes] will impact the right to freedom of expression or political expression at all,” he said.

“They will help us to uphold our obligation to stop ambush marketing and inappropriate commercial expression.”

How quickly they forget.

What if you put out a sign that says, “I don’t like the Games.”

Will that bring on the storm troopers? Will they be armed with tasers or staplers?

That is the question.

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