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Memento: Trevor and Me and beards and dreams and specs

Via my pal Trevor: Old and grainy. Fell out of a plant identification book my son was looking at. The non-bearded is now bearded, and the bearded is now non-bearded due to the Viking red having changed to a different colour. And check out the depths of the poet’s eyes. Ever present, observant and turning every moment into a story

Me: problem with the eyes is no off switch, always gathering and collecting and then one day, you have a massive archive of creations to share

Mementos: Authour Nick Bantock (of Griffin & Sabine etc fame)

Not too many mixed0media masters creating ephemera-laden epistolary literature weaving intriguingly mysterious relationships, international time shifting, plus pop-up books, tarot cards, and postcards. As such, meeting the master of of all of the above, as well as a well-trained fine artist (who also happens to be exceptionally prolific) was a thrill for me. Say hello to the affable Brit, now Columbian, Mr. Nick Bantock.

Mixed Media Artist + Author Nick Bantock (of Griffin and Sabine etc fame) and Dave (me)

I “introduced myself” via a letter to a reading he was giving which i was unable to attend (illness) but we started a correspondence – i mail him dossiers of stationery, stamps and whatnot from around world and he sends me the most remarkable postcards and books.

Inside the envelope (as I recall) was a letter and a few excerpts from “letters from Russia” project

Our stories again intersected when I was on my way to the post office in India when I got the news that my mom passed. Later, from her home in Logan Utah, I mailed him the package, and when I met him in Victoria, he kindly inscribed my Mom’s copy of “Griffin and Sabine” providing a most wonderful signature with stamps of various kinds.

Later I participated in his workshops (about writing 100 words *exactly* long story). While I was certainly *not at my best* after recovering from another long ramble, certainly enjoyed his company and tutelage very much in his now-closed studio space, appropriately dubbed “the forgetting room”.

In this charming studio space (in a restored loft in Victoria, BC’s Chinatown), was the “illustration that started at all” in the Griffin and Sabine series, framed and propped up against the wall next to yes, the toilet.

Such respect. More to share about postal encounters with this gent.

Shredding on Melville – Chooglin’ on Tracks #4

Shredding on Melville – Chooglin’ on Tracks #4

As Tracks on Tracks pulls in to Melville for a whistle stop, Shred Kelly basks in the attention of the locals from the town while performing. The young and old of Melville come out to listen to the music, with notable (and memorable) guests including the Mayor, who asks for an encore, and Doug the Old Beard Man. Live musical performances by Shred Kelly. Part 4 in a series from Chooglin’ on Tracks

Get to your platform for Shredding on Melville ~ Chooglin’ on Tracks #4

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