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Items: stationæry, lettering, books – to sortganize

A special Letraset / dry transfer lettering collection just discovered in the deep stash >> sending out to all the #Fanzine #Zine makers.

Yeah, before desktop publishing, this is how it was done / some of the time anyway.

Postcards, postcards, postcards and papers. Including much Hotel letterhead/stationery, vintage envelopes, and the usual riffraff of ephemera.

{Requires some tidying up and sort-ganizing – which I’m fantastic at yet I get distracted by wanting to “make everything into something”}

Three small books.

There are several more small books to be documented later.

For now, three small books.

+ Two larger books, very specifically for studying for an arborist exam in Japan

Old boarding passes, row 42(0), it checks out #Legit

DIY book to accompany Belly album “Dove”… // backed the project and was delivered digitally so made my own liner note booklet… now have on vinyl (inventoried elsewhere, possibly)