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Legend of Muk Muk with Mr. Mann – Olympic Outsider #27

Give Mr. Mann some muk muk

Don’t believe everything you hear: Legend of Muk Muk with Mr. Mann – Olympic Outsider #26 (.mp3, 4:20)

At Canada’s Northern House, Dave enjoys Boris Mann’s annotations about the legendary delicacy of muk muk and thoughts about flying Saskatchewanians, neglected cultures, hospitality houses with tasty food and recollections of Torino 2006.

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Northern Canada Geography Lesson – Olympic Outsider #19

Northern Canada geography lesson

Learn your map for: Northern Canada geography lesson – Olympic Outsider #19 (.mp3, 5:36)

Visiting with a cultural ambassador at Canada’s Northern House, Dave learns about geography and cultures of Canada’s 3 Northern Territories at the cultural hospitality house including narwahls, attendance, objectives and tourism.

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