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“Higher Times” Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2002 / mixed media collage

"Higher Times" Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2002 / mixed media collage
“Higher Times” Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2002 / mixed media collage

In 2002, High Times Magazine owed Jay Stewart and I a huge buzz and a favour due to the our exceptional hosting and journalistic assistance for what became a rather controversial article with a significant impact on The Evergreen State College community and Olympia in general.

By passport mishaps and generosity, Jay and I met up over in Amsterdam and Ian (aka The Fonz RIP) and a few other renegades were installed as judges for the Cannabis Cup. We also did the inaugural tours of “Vansterdam Tours” which was really doing “tweet ups” before you know, all the social stuff. Being cultured gentlemen, we also travelled to other towns for markets, ganja festivities and witnessing Sinter Klaus and Black Pete(s) come to town.

As is my custom, i collected paper ephemeral bits, then season and ferment for a decade or longer before spontaneously attaching to the largest board i can find. Jay started calling these “static montages” which is more accurate to “storyboard collages” or others.

Tribute to the Fonz, Ian Christiancy RIP – Choogle On #83

Tribute to the Fonz

Upon the untimely passing of a friend Ian Christiancy (aka Gazoo), Uncle Weed cracks a tall can of beer and sparks a bowl of sour diesel on a dock in Harrison Lake to share memories of friendly adventures to Darrington Rock Fest, Amsterdam Cannabis Cup, curling in Portland, parties at the cabin and hangouts on Steamboat Island and anecdotes about living tough and timely, yet unseemly, advice, leather jackets and souped up Novas.

Featuring music by Numbskulz, Nazareth and excerpts from The Pudcast with Gazoo and Sajo.

Tribute to the Fonz – Ian Christiancy RIP – Choogle On #83 (.mp3, 32:28, 28MB)

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