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Regretably no official rep from ISU – hello bud mercer

Chris says: spending 6 billion to get 4 billion – no benefit to rest of province. No olympix has ever made money for community

Almost out of batteries … Coverage may end suddenly from CBC

Renee vanoc says many costs spread across Canada but most benefit for BC

Blah blah green economy, recession, emerging buzzwords, diversity, showcase to the world yards yadda

Rick: beyond the possible economic benefits, what about the cost of civil liberties?

Michael (bcclu) says vanoc is not transparent – not forthcoming with road closures, security budgets …

Renee: road closures? It’s on website. Here’s business plan, also on website. Release quarterly financials even though not required

Renee: if security laid out budget, the bad guys would know how to breach – Ian: but they could still release total budget to mitigate