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Artifacts (youngtime): Class Photos, vol. 2 – Prince Charles Elementary, 5-6 + extras

What follows are class and extra-circular club/activity photos from Prince Charles Elementary School in Surrey (Whalley), BC, Canada. 

Note: I moved to this school from Harold Bishop in the middle of Grade 4 – i attended Mr. Thiel (who was Principal iirc and also taught a class as a pinch-hitter – something to do with the previous prinipal having a heart attack while chasing errant children…) at Harold Bishop and then Mr. Chandler’s class at Prince Charles – due to the vagaries of photo scheduling, no photo exists.

Note: i was technically closer to Cedar Hills or Senator Reid elementary school but Mom wanted me going to Prince Charles as they had a reputation for being a “top school” with special rigorous programs and activities. I was in a lot of activities (cross-country, band, chess, indoor track, library, science fair) but not sure if this was the case. Regardless, i won *all* the prizes there

Grade 6 in 1981-82, Ms. Flindall

Annotation re: Grade 6:  i remember this being a fun year and i recall a load of these folks. And whoa, a lot of “middle part” hair. I lived at 12310 95th ave which was a dead-end and featured a great area for street hockey games). Cedar Hills and Senator Reid schools were both closer but i attended Prince Charles Elementary as it (apparently) featured more extra-circulars and advanced programs and walked to school about 40 minutes.

Grade 5 in 1980-81, Mr. Reimer

Annotation re: Grade 5: scant recollection of this year aside from Mr. Reimer being a serious and thoughtful teacher, primarily for science topics.

Note: Grade 7 is missing, this was Mr. Tiffenbach’s class and the year i won *every* award possible including the Citizenship Award, Run for Fun, and the Science Fair (Rushmore/Tenenbaum-esque :)). Continue reading Artifacts (youngtime): Class Photos, vol. 2 – Prince Charles Elementary, 5-6 + extras

Artifacts (youngtime): Class Photos, vol. 1 – Harold Bishop Elementary, K-4

Class photos from Harold Bishop Elementary School in Surrey (Guildford), BC, Canada. Note: i’m the one in specs (the *only* one) and styling outfits, often sitting with girls or in the “goalie position”.

Harold Bishop Elementary, Kindergarten, Ms. Jones

My best pal Chris Goodman is the one with the blonde bowl haircut, buddy Gordie is in the K & 3/4 photos too. A few other faces i recognize including Anita, Erica, Sandy, Cliff… I lived at 10545 154th street (which was unpaved then) and walked to school about 20 minutes.

Harold Bishop Elementary, Grade 1, Mrs. Johnson

Note: Grade 3 seems missing…  Mrs. Johnson was also the teacher if i recall correctly.

Harold Bishop Elementary, Grade 3/4 (split class), Mr. Mecham