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CouchBeers vidcast – Discussing Social Media and Olympic with pals

My pal Jordan Behan at Strutta & BootUp Labs hosts a weekly-ish live video streaming event and subsequent vidcast called “Couch Beers” – As fate has it, wasn’t until episode 19 on Jan. 22 2010 when i finally made an appearance joined by a notable batch of bloggers (see below). A load of folks showed up to watch live (and drink) plus many more watching live and spreading the news on Twitter etc.

The Social Media/Olympics Edition- Ep. 19 – Dave Olson, Kris Krug, Jenn Lowther, Dr. Raul Pacheco-Vega, Ariane Khatchatourians join us for a chat about the Olympics, social media and Copenhagen.

Alas the video isn’t embeddable so here’s a photo by John Biehler (see him at SXSW) to click for The Social Media/Olympics Edition- Ep. 19 – funny useful stuff!