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Dave + Darth in 1977

Dave + Darth in 1977.

Saw Star Wars in theatre on my 7th birthday at the Scera Theatre in Orem, Utah (on family vacation) which was also the day Elvis died. Pop culture collision!

May the … etc.

Where’d you see New Hope?

Anthropological Essay in Austin – Choogle On! #101

Anthropological Essay in Austin – Choogle On! #101
Anthropological Essay in Austin – Choogle On! #101

Geeky discourse about the culture and rituals of the people at SXSW Interactive conference/festival specifically with cyborg anthropologist Amber Case who gamely banters about: human-techno-social-experience within information revolution; how future is created; how geek inherit/acquire power; micro-economics of start-ups; perils of venture capital; survivability of these commercial endeavors; industry-culture power structures; checking-into lines; affection for robotic devices; time and space compression; durability of books; importance of archiving; and attempt to manifest of a documentarian to articulate how to preserve invisible artifacts which exist every/nowhere. 

Geek out on Cyborg Anthropology Essay in Austin – Choogle On! #101 (35:34, .mp3, 32MB)

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Dave and Roland Talks Social Event at New Town Bakery

Dave O and Roland Tanglao riff about social media conference and events while enjoying some Cantonese style grub. Topics include: Northern Voice, Open Web and other upcoming Social Media events.

Dave & Roland Talk More Social Events Over Ramen

Dave and Roland hang out in a Japanese cafe in Vancouver and discuss all the upcoming social media related events coming up including: SxSW (all 3 parts), and plans for podcasting, photographing, making Drupal and lounging.