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Diary: a night out to say “Gracias” to Gracias

His album “up all night“ drops any day now

Took kid to a bar (really & not irresponsible parenting) the kind of tiny hidden away place on one of those narrow buildings with several floors with mysterious signs outside where you don’t know quite what you’re gonna get & an elevator that smell like cigarettes and bleach

The bar was in this building. Yes, we were on a very special quest and it was all very legitimate and no neither he nor I were drinking alcohol though the wife had one fancy cocktail as it going away present for the lady who’s packing it in after many years.

In brief: Ryoko used to hang out here with an eclectic group in the tiny location years ago and she was welcomed with very fond memories and affection.

We rode Uno bus. Somehow it felt like getting ready for our Canada trip a bit.

We also left with my satchel bag stuffed with various crockery items no longer needed from the bar and now resident in our kitchen cupboard. Particularly interesting are three handmade cloth coasters with “Gracias” the Bars’s name. Closes forever on Friday :(

And of course, here in Japan, an event doesn’t even count unless there’s a commemorative group photo.

First though, we ate burgers.

Four tables and three more chairs at the bar and so much bric-a-brac, memorabilia, artifact and oddities – everywhere… The kind of “maximalist” design aesthetic that I love.

I really liked this DJs name and the fact that these little flyers were everywhere in the resto.

Though kept having a feeling somebody was watching me as i ate – looked over the shoulder to see this human in a merkin or loincloth of sorts / sure looks like they are having fun singing

Same handbill as before but, the bar lights across the street coming through a little window. I’m rarely out past dark so felt quite thrilling to be in that “District” past my usual bedtime.

On the way there, we met this curious being & Ichiro made sure to spread peaceful vibes

And in closing, “action for the future” in all its fully justified display is so much truth.