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Diary: Tie dyes for Ichiro + Deadhead treats from Brother/Uncle Dan

{Catching up with…} Leading up to Ichiro’s birth, another wonderful package arrived – this one from brother Dan (with postal assist by brother Bob) containing an assortment of handmade treats and other related goods.

Most noteworthy were a variety of tie-dye t-shirts including one for papa (hello!), mama and the forthcoming-at-the-time baby in our “family tartan“ which he also made for various brothers and nieces and nephews. Will make a splendid family photo one day. 

In the meantime, here’s two of us, and the tie-dyes on standby for little Ichi-Stan.

Also in the mix there’s a few gifts of soccer scarves for some friends Dan met during his last visit and, a variety of Grateful Dead socks for us and the notable Deadhead/goat farmer Mac.

Ichiro being extra special got an additional tie-dye which, paired with his various bibs and hats would be extra cool.

Thanks brother/in-law-uncle Dan for being so thoughtful and we’ll soon I’ll put on our tie-dyes for a photo with the young nephew.

Note: Dan learned his tie-dye trade, well perfected it anyway, from Lance who along with Leslie were proprietors of Aaron’s Tie-Dyes for many years. Dan and I were able to assist – in my case, purely as a “road trip logistical assistant”, and indeed, it was the tie-dye is that introduced me to Lance and his cohorts other then-new ISP (OlyWa.net) in a totally life-changing coincidence of asking for change for laundry machine.



Diary: Waiting (patiently) for Ichiro (18th)

Update: no update.

Waiting (patiently) for Ichiro (18th is/was the “due date” allllll good)

+ Annotations:

Little dude is taking his time.

Ryoko is sewing so many cute things.

I made lentil soup.

Received a wonderful package of handmade treats for him, and another wonderful card. Wow!

Maybe I didn’t mention his own custom tie-dye T-shirt already?

Suitcase (including tea set and special photos and talisman) on standby.

I’m adjusting my schedule to revolve around laundry and food + stroller at the ready, and my insomnia will come in handy / diaper system on point + Fresh groceries delivered weekly / Also, infant appropriate car seat installed

Maybe Summer Solstice or Father’s Day, maybe…

It’s all good, #Grateful

Fondly from Tsuchida Cottage