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Items: 4 paintings by C. Leonard & J. Smith + Mecca Normal

Four new paintings added to Tsuchida Cottage gallery collection:

1 x Cat Leonard (Australia)

3 x Jean Smith (Canada) // joining existing 2 which likely appear elsewhere in this archive

Bonus: painter Jean Smith is also the vocalist in groundbreaking/interesting band “Mecca Normal” and included a few items in the packet

Memo: As you may know, other artists on display at our home gallery are: Noriko Miyake, Michal Korman, John Ferrie, Timothy Wilson-Hooey, Vincent Gornall… several others

Post, pals and figuring *it* out (together, alone) – Japan Cottage Musings

Back from seitai with kindly sensei & feeling spun and bit blue / confused or some combo and wearing a dead man’s wonderful brown cotton jimbei, attempting a somewhat useful ramble while a bit scrambled up.

Namechecks and stories about/from:

* Casey Bean of The Beanpod with stickers & personal narrative 

* Diego the street sketcher with a Hermes Baby typer letter

* Pam from Pacific Blue days with BC pins (which Ichiro loved!)

* Emma Swift with LP of Bob Dylan songs & mental well-being challenges 

* Andrew McLuhan carrying on father Eric & grandfather Marshall’s media message literacy work + punk rock & poetry

* Passports from 1960s UK awaiting remixing like Jason Emde (poet of “little bit die” & Writers Read Their Early Sh*t  pod) and others filled with poetry, ephemera, maps & secret compartments 

* A side bar about Bob Dylan’s propensity for leaving the stage early (probably because he has some painting or welding to do but maybe he just has some things on his mind that he doesn’t have ability to share with someone who will just listen), then:

* Soviet-era documents sparking a conversation about what constitutes identity and why we carry a little bit of stationary to declare who we are… avoiding the rabbit hole of discussing sovereignty, residency, citizenry and other digressions.

And (another) foreshadowing about the simple task of putting postcards into an album because each is so precious i feel should talk about each one individually so maybe get around to it if you hang out with me.

A bit of the fantastic Newfoundland band “Hey Rosetta!” gently frames the conversation with “sorry this is it, cold and hard and badly lit, but there’s no backing out of it…”

And there’s a birthday greetz for John Biehler via Stanley Park and tea. 

And backdrop paintings by John Ferrie (he’s got a sale going on) providing a ‘Eye in the Sky’ panorama of our semi-recent BC invasion. 

Really I’m just grateful to have you to hang out with as it’s beneficial for my mental and emotional well-being somehow.

Royal Gratitude for #UW53 Birthday Greetz #trying

oh just me talking with my hands with some great John Ferrie paintings behind

A fumbly stumbly but well-intentioned message of gratitude for sending fond wishes for a birthday and whatnot.

Post-BC-trip for various reasons, been feeling a little bit mentally unwell, struggling, so I’ve been laying low while I try to pick up the pieces and figure out what comes next //

So – conciseness/brevity not being my strong point, I say something about “hooray for the trip, my brain will eventually be all right (everything is wonderful except for a few things) and something about typhoons and how I sent out a lot of cards but never seems to be quite enough.”

Then – more to that point – talk about going to an {underwhelming} van Gogh exhibit by bus and eating venison and blueberries with Ryoko & Mac-san + the incredible Ichiro Stanley.

It’s all a long clumsy way of saying “I am very grateful for you and you being part of my life and not forgetting about me”

Fondly, dvo/uw

Diary: blue dress, typhoons, tidying up – wait, didn’t i tell you this before?

August 14:

Since wife didn’t go to Tokyo for niece’s b-day, was able go to meet up with school chums (obv hasn’t happened for a few years)

So she switched from grubby work clothes to a cute cap-sleeve light blue dress, stockings/sandals, Tiffany necklace & ring / even perfume. So cute!

[note to self: take a snapshot ya know!]

Earlier today: After tidying up all the carport & yard of tools, landscaping supplies, inflatable pool + miscellaneous hazards // we did a bit of sign painting and a spontaneous charcoal barbecue on a ceramic smelting stove. I was so smokey smelly / took bath, pills & now in cool dark room.

Ryoko took snaps of the spontaneous barbq and made a IG post, my 2 darling are both so cute, brilliant, creative and courageous:

Later that evening: Kiddo is gratefully at grandparents for a few hours. Planned for kura session to rock out one of the audio/video/something projects on my list but barometric pressure is dropping and my little head is crushing so leaving the list untouched & maybe a black-and-white movie instead (Our Man in Havana?)

Not in the above list screenshot are many sundry tasks like hanging art, deconstructing backpacks, removing scrap screws and compost bins from pallets.

Included are these two paintings by John Ferrie showing glorious Vancouver in an enthusiastic barrage of delightful colours – each detail significant about a city i once loooooved.

note to self, get a better snapshot, and share with the artist

August 15:

And really good thing wife didn’t go to Tokyo as the train service coming this way was suspended for at least today on account of the #Typhoon. As for me, Im in bed all day listening to Theta meditations + black coffee and ice packs

All (albeit modest) expectations for birthday put on pause, –just happy to be safe, alive & visualizing the next “three big things” admit a not insignificant amount of pain. Better than before, right … [Insert question mark here]

“If I were confined to a corner of a garret all my days, like a spider, the world would be just as large to me while I had my thoughts about me.”

Henry David Thoreau, Walden

Items: 4 paintings (by BC artists) at Tsuchida Cottage

Tidying up the artifacts, as such, here is a subset of paintings at Tsuchida Cottage and/or Giggling Piglet Studio and Consulate or, in one case, a painting which is still in Vancouver. Joins other paintings by Noriko Miyake, Michal Korman, Vincent Gornall and others.

1 painting by John Ferrie, still on “wrong” side of Pacific