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Ichiro: card #53~57 “Dapper, Nice, Out n About, Gathering Stories, Rookie”/ 11.5

5 new Ichiro cards #io in the ongoing series… Coming from the last fortnight in spectacular & pleasantly autumnal Okayama, Japan. 

This assortment includes:

Ichiro: card #52~56 “Fancy hat and mustache” (dapper, esq)
Ichiro: card #52~56 “Nice to meet you” (dandy man)
Ichiro: card #52~56 “Out n about” (in the stroller towards the post office)
Ichiro: card #52~56 “Gathering Stories” (with Frederick)
Ichiro: card #52~56 “Rookie of our year” (with jersey of the goat)

Evidence: Bail Receipt, King County / 2000

Evidence: Bail Receipt, King County / 2000

As is the case with most every bail receipt i suspect, there’s a story behind this one… I’ll save it for another time but in short involves: a baseball I didn’t get to keep, and two policeman with the same name, and a 4:20AM drive home. Thanks Dan.