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Memento: Canucks and related hockey artifacts

Memento: Canucks and related hockey artifacts

Various hockey ephemera (cards, calendars, tickets, clippings), made into a shadowbox once upon a time, broken, harvested and laid in situ.

Primarily Vancouver Canucks related including: Captain Marcus Naslund, goaltenders variety  of Gary Bromley, Kirk McLean, Dan Cloutier plus tickets stubs from Vancouver Canucks, Seattle Thunderbirds, schedule from Vancouver Giants, plus Mario Lemieux and Wayne Gretzky to rub off some greatness, and a list of Stanley Cup champions torn from a newspaper. Plus, Vancouver Canucks puck #inventory

Of such items, many many more exist in boxes, this just appeared behind broken glass.

Ichiro: card #29 “1st draft pick” (for Canucks) / 8.3

Ichiro: card #29 “1st draft pick” (for Canucks) / 8.3

Ichiro Stanley card #29
Our #1 draft pick

(Watching Game 1 of Canucks vs Wild in NHL Stanley Cup, play-in round)

Canucks Sweaters / various eras, ready for playoffs-ish

3 era of Canucks sweaters freshened up for me, wife & lil Ichiro Stanley / flying “V”, downward skate, and orca (Burrows) respectively. 

Any other Canucks & NHL hockey fans here in Japan? Just curious about who’s excited for breakfast time hockey firing up for the “play-in to playoffs”? Who’s yer team?

Note: newly “installed” bamboo laundry holder

Pub: “Internet + Hockey” / Menu Magazine, Olympia, Dec. 1999

Pub: “Internet + Hockey” / Menu Magazine, Olympia, Dec. 1999, cover

“How the Internet enhances my Hockey viewing experience – # 3” from “Leveling the Playing Field” feature column by Dave Olson in Menu Magazine, Olympia, WA, Dec. 1999  

Pub: “Internet + Hockey” / Menu Magazine, Olympia, Dec. 1999, article, page 1
Pub: “Internet + Hockey” / Menu Magazine, Olympia, Dec. 1999, article, page 2

See also: How the Internet enhances my Hockey viewing experience – # 3

How the Internet enhances my Hockey viewing experience – # 3

How the Internet enhances my Hockey viewing experience – Levelling the Playing Field # 3 

[Originally published in Menu Magazine from Olympia, Washington, circa 1999]

I have been feeling really relaxed and good the last few days, for two reasons. One is that the hockey season started and the Canucks are off to a great start, the other reason I can’t really talk about here.

Just so you know from the start, hockey is my lambs-bread, the “manna from heaven,” the one constant in my life. It seems that no matter where in the world I am living or travelling, what wars are raging in the world or in my mind, hockey is the sturdy oaken banister that is always there to enjoy.

My earliest childhood memories are watching hockey, seeing Daryl Sittler or Guy LaFleur blasting down the wing, hair flying, eyes raging. I went to a couple games a year in my youth and sat in the nosebleed seats and watched lousy teams no one wanted to see because the scalpers sold the tickets cheap.

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Crazy Canucks: Social Media and Hockey Panel – Northern Voice, 2008

At Vancouver’s personal expression conference, Northern Voice 2008, i presented my (now semi-infamous) spiel “Fuck Stats, Make Art” to enthusiastic reviews and then spent the afternoon with my dear colleagues from The Crazy Canucks podcast discussing our role as independent chroniclers of the NHL hockey team and the thrills and problems we face along the way dealing with team management, credentials (or lack thereof), and the reasons for producing grassroots, fan-powered media.

“Rebecca Bollwitt brings together her “Crazy Canucks” podcast co-hosts who are all BC sports/hockey bloggers for a panel on sports blogging. It’s something that’s never been covered but it’s a HUGE market filled with rivalries between ‘traditional media outlets’, rumour mills, and NHL team “officially appointed” bloggers.”
Featuring JJ Guerrero, Dave Olson, Alanah McGinley, and John Bollwitt – Filmed and uploaded by JMV

A lovely treat to riff with my Crazy Canucks colleagues in the Sports Blogging and Podcasting panel. This rag-tag group grew into a team over the past 61 shows and the panel was as easy and intuitive as the podcasts. We know each others strengths and are “giving” to one another in the conversation. The questions in the session were great and show a real understanding of the weird tension we have with the “official”ness of the Canucks and the trade off of objectivity and creative control vs selling out.

Alanah and JJ live outside the Vangroovy tech industry bubble and run the two most popular Canucks blogs out there. Alanah’s is famous for drunken live blogging which is no surprise why she ranks #1 for drunken canucks fan. JJ is the people’s ambassador to GM Place – walking the concourse with him is a task as he’s stopped more often than Mike Weaver would. And of course my good buddies the Bollwitts – the Vancouver blog and podsafe music podcast darlings.


Alanah of Canucks and Beyond posted this video of me (representing Hockey NW, home of the Canucks Outsider), J.J.of Canucks Hockey Blog, and the blogging Bollwitts: John (Radio Zoom) and Rebecca (Miss 604) yakking it up. My posture is horrible but the conversation is compelling for media pundits, hockey fans and social media enthusiasts Notes from NV08 wrap up.