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Diary: Halloween 2023, quick hit for short event

It’s probably too late, late to the party whatevs… took the snaps on a “vintage” early gen digital camera so it takes a minute to get to tha Internet…

We were Lawrence of Arabia, a ranger/explorer on adventure, a farmer on his “tractor” and a hastily assembled jack-o’-lantern.

But hey, we’re in provincial Okayama Japan and #Halloween happens from 1 PM till 2:30 PM at 4 authorized community checkpoints with sign-in sheets where children are issued approved bag of snacks & sent on their way.

this kabocha thinks will be spared the knife coz of the cute eyes but… we’ll eat you Wilson, oh we will!

Addendum: everything, quite everything, in Japan has a designated program, a specific start/end time, a special introduction and review of the plan, and then the plan is followed very carefully and in the end, everything is tidied up very deliberately. Not a country for spontaneity or ambiguity but if you like efficiency and punctuality, have I got a country for you :-)}

{note: snaps straight from the camera, a sort of “vintage” Olympus ruggedized digital camera, using the onboard pinhole camera setting. It’s a really cool little unit}

Bonus: When you are just wearing goggles to cut an onion but it happens to be Halloween…

accidents happen
fun in the neighbourhood

Halloween out n about / minimal effort, moderate fun (w/ magic darling duo)

Canada Japan Friendship Society, Tsuchida branch

Briefly: Evidence of us doing the Halloween rounds this afternoon / including the magnificent Taroman pumpkin shriveling into repose & our “bare minimum yet very effective” costumes of a ragtag baseball squad

It seems we live in a Ghibli theme park

The neighborhood has four “official” trick-or-treat stations, specifically available from 1 PM till 2:30 PM.

After hitting up a couple, I pulled out the pumpkin to the stoop, set up a lawn chair and added chaos into the well-ordered routine with spontaneous station number five while my darling duo hit up a couple of others, returning beaming with treats while I am a few twizzlers lighter after visits by a young surgeon (with stethoscope and spectacles in his pocket), a young police officer, a couple of cats, a little bear, and a few middle-age neighborhood guys shutting down the other stations.

Why yes we do matchy matchy looks

Noting that station number one had a great persimmon tree and issued scissors to bring a few of these wonderful fruit home which look like tiny little pumpkins. We use them all sorts of ways including my fermented vinegar.

Pumpkin looking a little worse for wear, hopefully the wild boar will come make short work of it

The nice lady there took a snapshot of the three of us & the husband there asked when we’re having another baby ?

There they are!

Really nice to see a little bit of liveliness in the neighborhood after, you know… “all of this“ / glad to be able to chitchat with folks as I’m still a bit of a mystery in the area but Ichiro is clearly famous(!)

Ichi was Concept Director for the pumpkin which was modeled after his favorite program, the super campy 70s crazy art collage by Okamoto Taro “Taroman”
Supporting evidence of above: Ichiro at Taroman exhibit in Osaka

Pumpkin Lasagna, a sketch more than a recipe

Pumpkin Lasagna, a sketch more than a recipe.

from “What is Left” [note: not mine, just enjoyed the concept]