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Goat Farm Party 35mm Film photos, vol. 2 / Dave + Ryoko 4-21 Kekkon-shiki

Guests were also encouraged to take a snap with 1 of 3 instant camera to stick into a guestbook along with a signature with a paint pen

From the wedding bonus ceremony and party at Rural Caprine Farm on April 21, 2019 (Heisei 31) comes a variety of snaps created with a Pentax point and shoot with 35mm film about 25 years old. Note “panorama” layout on some photos and LED date snap (obv not accurate) showing some erstwhile vintage-ness.

Along with these 35mm snaps, the wedding party guests were encouraged to pick up one of several Fuji (not Poloroid) insta-photo camera to document their experience – Lee and Emily and others also kept these devices clicking.

Thanks to photographer Kris Krüg and artist Emily Olson for curation of gear and keeping the snaps snapping. Prints were scanned with results presented without distinct order curation but with some minor colour correction/enhancing.

Dashing Yuasa-san, part 1

Dashing Yuasa-san, part 2

Niece Emily and my brother James mugging, part 1

Niece Emily and my brother James mugging, part 2

Sharp Shimizu-san being sharp, part 1

Sharp Shimizu-san being sharp, part 2

Sharp Shimizu-san being sharp, part 3

Lovely Reira Kobayashi and baby representing the 3rd and 4th generations of Kobayashi family on site


Host Farmer Mac Kobayashi with dance teacher Machiko-San in front of the farm market and cafe


Engineer Duane Storey of Valencia, Chilliwack etc

Happy Chris Maxwell down from Tokyo (and elsewhere)

Brother Andrew Olson (wearing our ‘team” shirt) via Las Vegas

Son of Vancouver distiller James Lester came with spirits of several types

“Uncle” Duane and my bodyguard Sousuke-kun

Happy Groom (me!) Dave, resplendent with beard and smiles

Bride Ryoko and Groom Dave enjoying the moment and going with the flow

Brother Andrew getting a bit goofy

Jen “the Jenneral” Harvey, master ringleader

Two remarkables: Leah Gregg and Lindsay Bailey having all the fun

Lindsay and Leah keeping the party rolling (hard to imagine they weren’t already lifelong pals)

It is clear living in Tokyo has taught Chris Maxwell many things well

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