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Artifacts (youngtime): Class Photos, vol. 1 – Harold Bishop Elementary, K-4

Class photos from Harold Bishop Elementary School in Surrey (Guildford), BC, Canada. Note: i’m the one in specs (the *only* one) and styling outfits, often sitting with girls or in the “goalie position”.

Harold Bishop Elementary, Kindergarten, Ms. Jones

My best pal Chris Goodman is the one with the blonde bowl haircut, buddy Gordie is in the K & 3/4 photos too. A few other faces i recognize including Anita, Erica, Sandy, Cliff… I lived at 10545 154th street (which was unpaved then) and walked to school about 20 minutes.

Harold Bishop Elementary, Grade 1, Mrs. Johnson

Note: Grade 3 seems missing…  Mrs. Johnson was also the teacher if i recall correctly.

Harold Bishop Elementary, Grade 3/4 (split class), Mr. Mecham


Artifacts (youngtime): Reports – Norway, Prairie Dogs, Piglets

Reports – Norway, Grade 4

What follows is a compendium of various school reports about various topics – while required by school assignment in most cases, i made to be archival. These dossier utilize the same techniques of “scissors and glue to combine narrative and images in a non-linear collages” as i use for all most all my projects from newsletters, fanzines, chapbooks and other small-scale publication (including digital projects like podcasts for that matter).

Reports – Praire Dogs, Grade 7(?)

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Artifacts (youngtime): Certificates, Elementary school – Roll of Honour, etc. / assorted

Certificates: Roll of Honour, Harold Bishop Elementary, Grade 2, Achievement

While acknowledging that receiving such Honour Roll status at a young age had no material benefit to future life, nor did this increase self-worth or esteem, or “gain favour with the ladies” as it were. I am however, an unabashed enthusiast of paper-y items, including certificates. As such, as these have remained with me (or in many cases with my now-late-beloved Mother), i am gleefully compelling to document for posterity.

Who’s posterity or for who’s interest? I do not know and am indifferent to such details. These are simply ephemeral documents of life.

Noting, i’m either missing a certificate for Grade 1, or they were not issued to students of that age. Also, some of these are specific to my science fair achievement (documented elsewhere… at some point anyhow) and/or citizenship umm… involvement.

Certificates: Roll of Honour, Harold Bishop Elementary, Grade 3, Citizenship

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