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Anecdotes about Burlesque and Beer at SXSW – Choogle On #89

beer and burlesque2

En route to breakfast at SXSW, Uncle Weed recounts a night of arts and crafts burlesque and barbarians at Emo’s Jr. and forays to various Austin bars and various dot-com parties for tasty beers. Stops include smoothies at The Hideout, Counter Cafe for pancakes, plus field notes about lanyards and badges, making marketing envelopes, living on appetizers, creekside flora, joys of the quaffable Shiner Bock, magicians and performance troupe, beat/stump boxer, pedi-cab escapes, and closing down an elegant hotel loaded with drunkards in disarray.

Come along for Anecdotes about Burlesque and Beer – Choogle On #89

 beer and burlesque

Music: Wm. Lenker, recorded at Steamboat Wood Shed by Uncle Weed

Album Art: photo by Jason Sanders, art’ed up by Uncle Weed

SXSW 2010-43


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