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floating elsewhere and/or observing water displacement in action

London Town Wander Night – Choogle on #46

An extended length (ideal for summertime listening) features a late night walk around the heart of London Town with rambling topics from public drunkeness, Cleopatra’s Obelisk, party boats, Shakespeare’s Globe theater, Internet kiosks, Sir Drake’s Golden Hind, The Clink Jail, Millennium, Black Friars and Tower bridges, Cornish pasties, take away falafels, cellar temperature ales, Dali art, Falklands naval veterans, CCTV cameras, miscellaneous wars, royal largess, overfilled hotel baths and a spontaneous fire in Piccadilly.

Grab ahold of London Town Wander Night – Choogle on #46 (.mp3, 54:39, 50MB – and worth it!)

London Town Wander Night
Photos by Victoria Potter – art’ed up by Uncle Weed

Music: Two Gallants “Feels Like Home to Me”

Exploding Grow Rooms, Rampant Fascism and Funny Glaswegians ~ Choogle On! #23

On the Seabus en route to BC Place, Uncle Weed relates news stories about an exploding grow house, a Briton arrested for singing along to The Clash, Marc Emery’s ongoing extradition debacle, war resisters in Canada, and also recommends some funny podcasting Scots.

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tugboat at lonsdale

Canada Place Walkaround ~ Choogle On! #21

Uncle Weed wanders around the Canada Place compound in the rain and tries to spark the last of a doob while gazing at a Latvian or Danish ship, Stanley Park, World Trade Centre and more rain o’er Burrard Inlet and diggin the Seabus.

Listen Up! Choogle on with Uncle Weed podcast #21!

Latvian (or Danish) ship at Canada place

flying high on a rainy day
pics by daveo – more on Flickr

New Year’s Eve Pageantry on Pender ~ Choogle On! #16

At a pagan-ish pageant on Pender Island, Uncle Weed views kayak ballet, dreadlocked Father Time and burning suns while enjoying microbrews, doobs, sparklers, and recalling O Shogotsu in Japan.

Listen up! Choogle on with Uncle Weed #16

New Year's Eve Variety Pack
pic by DaveO

Never-ending Skytrain to Surrey ~ Choogle On! #3

Dave takes a Canadian Thanksgiving transit trip from end to end – from the North Shore by Seabus, all the way to the notorious suburb of Surrey. He chats about Skytrain stations, Vancouver sights and sounds, plus meets ‘SkyPigs’ and enjoys coffee while reminiscing about Vancouver adventures in bygone days.

Listen Up! Choogle on with Uncle Weed #3 “Never-ending Skytrain to Surrey”

Downtown Van to North Van

Sea Bus Adventure to Herbal Lounges – Choogle On! #1

Uncle Weed heads out on via Sea Bus to visit friends downtown Vancouver, plus stops by an herbal lounge in Railtown, indulges in some reminiscing in Gastown, and grabs a Sky Train dog at Main.

Listen Up! Sea Bus Adventure to Herbal Lounges – Choogle on with Uncle Weed #1

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