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Vancouver CIHS: HempenRoad Production Journal

Wandering pilgrim friend Richard Ziff and partner Helene Bisnaire futonwere there with Of the Earth. They are making a line for kids, women, men and some packs and have turned into one of Canada’s biggest hemp concerns. Also had a big fatty futon stuffed with organic cotton.

Richard Ziff of Of The Earth

Richard was involved in studying about natural foods which led into organic foods which led to cotton and into combining that with hemp.

Richard Ziff of Of The Earth Hemp and Organic Cotton Futon


Hemp Pedaler is three guys from Issaquah, WA who are making some super tenacious bike lube for chains, bearings and cables. Now your chain won’t spray petroleum oil onto the dirt. Works good and and doesn’t gunk up. Bikes are a miracle of invention and worthy of highest praise. These enterprising folks are also making Resin Surf Wax that is hemp oil mixed with bees wax and is super sticky.
We’ll be filming these guys making the stuff and doing some intense BMXing and mountain biking soon.

Hemp Pedalar booth


Ohio Hempery had a nice display of traditional midwestern hemp handicrafts, bed sheets, dresses and other icons from an earlier year. Also a great new catalog and prints of old photos of hemp farmers. Ohio hempery is one of the original hemp vendors and carry a distinctive, rural American flavor. The boss-man, Don, is quite a character and we’ll make it out there to Ohio one of these months to see his homestead and check out some wild stands of hemp.

Ohio Hempery's Traditional Hemp Cloth Display


Kitsalano Hemp Co. had a vast array of handmade hemp food in a variety of incarnations. Chickpea / hempseed hummus, bread, roasted seeds, butter, brownies (no, not those brownies) and tons of tasty stuff. Also had a exercise bike hooked up to a blender to make hemp smoothies.

Hemp Food of many varieties

Zima Foods Eric and Alice, who we met in Victoria, wandered the crowd with trays of seeds snacks and new crispy carob bar. Real good idea and they kept me fortified with good vibes and healthy grinds throughout the day.

Two women were spinning and weaving on traditional loom and spinning wheel. I didn’t get a chance to chat but it looked neat to show the crafts that live on.Two Women and a LoomSpinning hemp






Another super cool thing I saw that wasn’t hemp. Wiseman Noble were selling ball point pens made shells from vegetable cellulose, corn, i think. That shows some potential about what carbohydrates can do.

Special regards to the exhibitors who journeyed from Germany, Poland and Taiwan to set up booths of fine new textiles that show the versatility of hemp.

interesting hemp cloth German exhibitors in trade show
Hemp from Taiwan Polish hemp at CIHS

The next day we filmed from the mountains, bridges and parks of Vancouver, a city that is emerging as a world leader in trade and culture. If the energy is right, it will continue to be a Capital in the Hempen World.

Vancouver Scene

Social Media Round-up from the Vancouver Green Living Show

A squad of environmentally conscious bloggers, podcasters, and video-makers joined the other sustainability-minded visitors at the inaugural Vancouver Green Living show.

The resulting collection provides deep coverage of a variety of interesting businesses, unique products, and people effectuating positive change by creating and marketing sustainable alternatives to polluting products.

The crew of grassroots media makers expressed a variety of point of views and focused on their particular interests while finding surprising products under the BC Place dome from February 29th ~ March 2nd.

Here’s a brief recap from the frogsquad’s work:

Lisa Tilson discovered some natural toys, questioned the role of big corporations at a green show, and made her podcasting debut discussing city bikes and hemp clothing.

GregEh brought his bachelor perspective while writing about eco snow melter plus bikes of all kinds, hemp milk, and yerba matte, and pitched in heap of great shots for the photo pool.

Raincity Bikes @ Green Living Show 2008

Rebecca “Miss 604” and Keira-Anne covered the show in their savvy manner sampling products from soybean candles to organic beer. The prolific bloggers also visited the Vancouver Aquarium booth and K-A offered this sage advice for visitors:

Chocolate Hemp Milk

“One final piece of very important advice I leave you with:

Though you will be tempted to try samples of all the foods and beverages you see, once your tummy is full of no less than organic chocolate, organic beer, coconut oil, hemp butter, organic wine and hemp milk, that same tummy will be very, very angry with you.”

Bamboo Shirts

Joe Solomon offered discourse on green cleaning services and addressed the social issues of traditionally low-wage jobs. hint: Check out Joe’s Netsquared blog for info on finding web geeks to help your social change project.

Alexa Booth shot a heap of great Green Living Show photos and contributed to the happyfrog Flickr pool. The smart shopper likely found a few businesses to review to add to her happyfrog-leading total, and even tested the In-Bed Organics mattresses (see also: Organic Latex Mattresses Seek Insomniacs.


happyfrog’s own ChristyS and her personal cameraman created the first batch of FrogWalking videos with interviews with green entrepreneurs. Christy talks to a recycled clothing designer, a green wedding planner,artsy eco t-shirts.

Finally, I’m (happyfrog Community Manger Dave O) rolling out a new podcast series. The first batch of the “happyfrog Pondcast” podcasts features Rain City Bikes, Dancing Bear Hemp Clothing, Me to We T-shirts, and the Emily Carr communications design art exhibit. The shows are rolling out so subscribe to the happyfrog Pondcast feed to catch the conversations as they post.

Dave at EPiC

Next up for the frogsquad? The EPIC – The Sustainability Expo at Canada Place on April 18-20. This is EPIC’s second year and the last one was a busy hive of eco-edutainment so be sure to join the throng.

Have something to say to the world? Join the band of social media makers for a fun weekend of creating documentary evidence of ecological efforts. Contact happyfrog to express interest and check the green event calendar to find ways to share knowledge.

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Photo Tour of the Epic Eco trade show for happyfrog, Vancouver, 2007

jorg and olif (add to wishlist)
Stopped by Canada Place here in Vancouver a couple of weeks back for the EPiC show.

A kinda of eco/sustainable goods trade show with free samples of tasty goods, interesting building materials and transportation modes as well as a variety of clothes and household items, speakers, films, exhibits etc.

Pictured a killer jorg & olif dutch city bike (caution Flash site) – the very ones i am always yapping about and talked with on Urban Vancouver podcast #1 – Wellness at Canada Place. I noticed they are moving their storefront (they are in the midst of the Cambie/Canada Line construction chaos. Still staying the SE False Creek Fairview area i do beleive. They also sell some cool bags, baskets and wooden tubs to trick your ride and sharp helmets as well.

some damn fine pyjamasAnyhow, take a look at my photo series of Epic Vancouver 2007. The pics aren’t the finest due to my flaky settings but note also the fine products including Dream Designs kick-a$$ pjs and green hemp shirt (add both to my wishlist ;-)) and crazy bath bombs from Lush.

vogs for dogs

bath nutrients

hemp shirt - yes please!

f*@k plastic (dedicated to san francisco)

defeat the evil robots

cob house building requires some dancing

and remember … building cob (mud and straw) houses requires some dancing.