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RT @hummingbird604: 1:30pm panel tmrw at Surveillance Games workshop http://bit.ly/6Dj48U {me: critical discourse about important stuff}

RT @victoria_potter: just sent an email to @TheProvince requesting they use local artists to supply image features, not stock images {me: !}

RT @sprice: Why does the International #Olympic Committee have legal jurisdiction over the Government of Canada? http://ow.ly/E6VQ #tnmh

Just rocked on @TNMH stuff for a few hours – project chooglin’ along … just in time ;-) #2010 #tnmh #media

On a rollicking bus ride with oldtimey suitcase in tow for Victoria gig + mug of earl grey to warm belly for adventures ahead

RT @cbcnewsbc: From war zone to Vancouver. CBC News Vancouver has learned VPD has acquired a military weapon to fight 2010 protesters. #WTF?

Finally sheared off last vestige of Hunter Thompson halloween incarnation – enjoyed remaining in character for a week – now look like Bhikku

I like Earl Grey with vanilla, steamed soy milk and maple syrup @jasonsanders Instead of London Fog, it’s a Vancouver Haze #tea

#Vancouver2010 – “Virtual disgrace” http://ow.ly/ASBP @bobmackin calls out #VANOC and Tickets.com for massive fail #2010 #TNMH