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Greenwich Village Rooftop NYC Diesel Smokedown ~ Choogle On! #40

Late night hoots on a historic Greenwich Village rooftop with Uncle Weed talking with a Canadian friend about NYC scenes and buildings plus 9/11 recollections, vacuum tubes, ferries, oreo cookies, the last ink factory, Hudson fireworks, hockey lock-out, law school ideas, propane tanks and lawnmowers, 2002 Cannabis Cup (see pics if you are Uncle Weed’s ‘friend’ on Flickr) and minor police incidents plus a few confessions (lousy joint roller and typist) and a self-aggrandizing plug for Zhonka Surfbreaks free wi-fi for the people!

Greenwich Village Rooftop NYC Diesel Smokedown ~ Choogle On! #40
(.mp3, 23.3MB, 25:19)

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Billy Bragg “Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key” words by Woody Guthrie, music by Billy Bragg (and Wilco?)

Delfar 7 (Bread the Producer) “The Ferry Changes Tack” words by D.T. Olson, music by B. Rees

Musings from Goldendale ~ Choogle On! #11

Uncle Weed’s musings while visiting Goldendale, Washington, including comments on Stonehenge replica, Mary Hill museum, observatory, bowling, pancakes, cemeteries, trash dumping and Thanksgiving.

Listen Up! Choogle on with Uncle Weed #11

alice's restaurant

pic by daveo

Heading South to OlyWa ~ Choogle On! #4

Dave rolls down south along Interstate 5 in a U-Haul with Anders and they talk about border hassles, Seattle sights and Tacoma smells.

Listen Up! Choogle On! Uncle Weed #4 “Heading South to OlyWa”

Night time in Oly