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Books: Variety stack of gems / atop a piano

Another stack brought in from the kura barn to spark some goodness / Gary Snyder, Poets on Peaks, field guide to Cascadian trees, Douglas Coupland, David Byrne, Wes Anderson, Dr Suess, and Hergé (including some rare Tintin) / + snippets of paintings on our self-made wooden wall > all atop a piano on handmade cloth from island of Yap.

The most remote place on Earth…

The most remote place on Earth i’ve visited – i do believe – is Bechyal – a village on Maap, in the state of Yap, Federated States of Micronesia – Population of about ten (well slightly more but how’s one to count). How about you?

Note: This is outside of the village — I am the one on the right and holding a gifted turtle shell i could not bring across borders without breaking international treaties. Note, hemp shorts. Circa 1996.