Crazy Canucks talk about the Streakers

Gather ’round while the whole batch of Crazy Nuckers rollick through 42 minutes of banter, served up tasty as TCC#14 – Five game streak high.

During the winter of crazy storms, we – including Radio JohnMiss RebeccaJ.J. Canuck and Alanah and Beyond (though she drops off, i still am on pace for the most disconnect +/- for the season.  What’s that trophy called?) – enjoy the streak and check in on Rory, Burrows, Green, Linden, Luongo, and Naslund while i (DaveOutsider) also offer some lengthy discourse on the South East and North West divisions, building teams for the playoffs, Sedins scoring off the rush, World Junior tournament … among other things i’ve forgotten.  oh yeah, we do some Canucks on the All-star team predictions.

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one eyed canuck