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a group podcast with other Canucks social media makers in which we unpacked topics panel style with humour, affection and a buzz

The Crazy Canucks roll into 2nd half with episode 19

Another go round with the Nucks bloggers/podders – much chatter about the vast possibilites before this team and a call out to Chouinard and jeers to Chelios, Roloson et al.  Much more but in the interest of time … i’ll save myself the thinking except to say JJ’s Canucks Hockey, Rebecca Miss 604, John Radio Zoom were there, Alanah and Beyond was amidst blustery weather on the island.

Canucks are crazy

Listen for yourself and enjoy TCC#19 – Bring on the second half! January 31st, 2007 51:14


Crazy Canucks enjoying the ride in episode #15

Again, the gang’s all here to chatter about the Nucks continuing streak, tight divison races, Naslund’s slump-break, beating the Oil, faceoff improvement, PK dominance, All-star fixes, Florida’s roster, Wild coming, eastern roadtrip the Dave quota in alumni games and the forthcoming bonus holiday – Hockey Day in Canada.

Hear for yourself in 46 minutes of banter over at TCC#15 – Seventh Heaven. …  and follow these hi-jacked links for more info on the topics du jour:


Crazy Canucks talk about the Streakers

Gather ’round while the whole batch of Crazy Nuckers rollick through 42 minutes of banter, served up tasty as TCC#14 – Five game streak high.

During the winter of crazy storms, we – including Radio JohnMiss RebeccaJ.J. Canuck and Alanah and Beyond (though she drops off, i still am on pace for the most disconnect +/- for the season.  What’s that trophy called?) – enjoy the streak and check in on Rory, Burrows, Green, Linden, Luongo, and Naslund while i (DaveOutsider) also offer some lengthy discourse on the South East and North West divisions, building teams for the playoffs, Sedins scoring off the rush, World Junior tournament … among other things i’ve forgotten.  oh yeah, we do some Canucks on the All-star team predictions.

Just roll on over to for more show notes and such or simplysubscribe to the podcast for maximum handiness.

one eyed canuck


Wild and Crazy Canucks episode 12 (retired)

The Crazy Canucks cohorts gathered around the Skypey yulelog for a dose of recaps and banter on the lads’ fortunes versus the Flames (beauty win), win vs Wild, (whew) and bad loss to the same Wild (dammit) shortly thereafter.  The result is 35 minutes .mp3 Canuck-itude called “TCC#12 – Not too wild about the Wild.”

Fill your egg nog and come along with Alanah, who is now CanucksandBeyond(insert echo effect here), Rebecca who’s living a Canuck 604 lifeRadio John Zooming along and JJG who is the Canucks Hockey blogger.

Pacifici Coliseum

Miscellania includes Burrows gift-giving, Wild boredom, Luongo and media spotlight,  Rory all-star campaign, Giants and Silvertips at the Coliseum, yadda dabba do … and me dropping off line, disappearing mysteriously …


Crazy Canucks #11 ready for tasting

I stopped by Radio Zoom John and Miss 604 Rebecca‘s west end apartment for this episode with Alanah, newly of Kukla’s Korner and JJ Canucks Hockey blogchiming in via Skype for our erstwhile roundtable.

Topics include Vancouver Canucks OpEd’s demise and rebirth, accreditation of grassroots media (us) –  recent games vs. Carolina (up early, won in OT), Flames (loss with minor comeback), and Yotes (punishing win over lousy team).  Plus banter on knowing your role, Jovo in town, Naslund hot or not and drinking sake.

Hear it for yourself, TCC#11 – Looking for a streak


Crazy Canucks from the Shark Club Show Lounge

All 5 Crazy Canucks (Alanah, JJ, John, R’Becca, me) are in attendence in various states of mind (buzzed) and moods (ornrey) following a 4-0 drubbing by my hated Oilers (thanks Rich from Old School pizza for rubbing it in) and together attempt to breakdown the chaos at a noisy Shark Club over a few drinks.

The crew talks about, welll… i can’t remember right now, … but you know, the Canucks and hockey stuff. Alanah had special press credentials so was front and center for the Canucks post-game frustration and the Oil’s jubilation.  Argh.

Check out the Crazy Canucks episode #10 from the Shark Club


Crazy Canucks – Power outages – both literal and figurative

Another Crazy Canucks podcast is up and waiting for your ears.  TCC#7 – Vancouver and the Canucks lose power features RebeccaJohnJJ and me (Daveo) talking about the past three games (all losses) and discussing the root causes for the struggles.  Plus a shout out to Hockey night in Kandahar and a shut up to stupid trade rumours.

In other news, thanks to Winnipeg Karl, I’ll be seated in Sec. 101, Row 9, Seat 8 vs Chicago on Sunday night after watching the Grey Cup with Dr. O and Dan Funboy!


Another Crazy Canucks episode up

Got Skype’d up with John, Rebecca, JJ and Alanah for another roundtabl, hot-stove during which we discuss the games vs. Wild (loss), Avs (close loss) and Dallas (last minute win).

Crazy Canucks hockey podcastCrazy Canucks #6 [36:34m] if you aren’t subscribed, feed this tasty morsel into your preferred pod-o-rator.

Amongst the minor technical glitches, highlights include JJ encouraging Matt Cooke produce points and tell us poor folks what it’s like to actually go to the games, Alanah addressing the Morrison trade rumours and expressing vitriol to the Avs Canuck killers, John reminicing about his days as a goalie and Rebecca recapping Burrows’ shopping exploits while I reveal my respect for Jacques Lemaire’s suntan, young Alex Edler (“discovered” by classic Canucks/scout Thomas Gradin), props to Dallas’ veteran talent and finally, offer a shout out to the worldwide Nuck fans.  Plus we mention the new Canucks site and player blogs.


Even Crazier Canucks

Episode #4 of The Crazy Canucks is up with John, Rebecca, Alanah, JJ and me talking about the recent roadtrip.  The past four games of the trip were chock full of hard work, clutch performances and diminutive road crowds.

My Skype connection (or more likely haggard ole computer) chokes up towards the end but the humour and anecdotes (Flyers, Penguins, Nashville included) come fast and frequent throughout.  Be sure to listen to”We are all Cardiac Canucks” and/or subscribe to the feed an/or iTunes.



Crazy Canucks talk about well, … the crazy Canucks

Episode Three of the Crazzzzzy Canucks podcast is up fresh and ready.  This time with me (Dave) Skype-ing in with RadioZoom John,Miss 604 RebeccaAlanah Op-Ed, and JJ Canuck.

I – somewhat inadvertantly – play the role of the optimist as the gang chortles and guffaws through the last three games (SJ, EDM, EDM) mixes in the usual goalie and coach banter (dang that Alain is a snappy dresser) and then take turns looking ahead to impending and important (aren’t they all?) St. Louis and Nashville games – the latter on HNIC.

Plus i give mad props to Salo and call Kesler a rabid monkey – what more do you need to know?