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Miss 604 Blogathon Efforts, 2007

My friend, the very bloggable Becks, is brewing up some kind of crazy blog fest for food project for this weekend.  Of course this show she is nuts.  Finally, the sun shines, fireworks explode, festivals abound, her hubby is off to work out of town and she blogs!?! … a post every half hour for 24 hours or something. Ech.

The wisefolk know that Miss 604 has become the prototypical community blogger (and she’s now a pro corporate blogger in day job too) and her site is a must-stop for anyone checking out Vancouver summer activities, local cultural and social commentary, tasty Canuck bits (plus The Crazy Canucks), west end beach life, lowdown on Surrey and other sh!tinteresting stuff for aging hipsters (who escaped from Whalley (i.e. me).  By the way, i’ll be spending time editing podcasts and testing my new porch for beer drinking views.

Here’s her blurb with the all the deets about how and where to donate your bread for bread and jam.

This year I’ll be blogging from 6:00 am Saturday July 28th until 6:00 am Sunday July 29th. I will be awake (because that’s a part of the challenge) and fully interactive with commenters and sponsors. My charity will be the Surrey Food Bank, and I’ll put up a nice little badge and link when the fun begins. Until then, stay tuned, the post category will be ‘blogathon’. Who knows how silly things will get at 4:00 am Sunday morning with me running on no sleep, tethered to my laptop.

On July 28th, 2007 – 1 blog post every 30 minutes, over 24 hours = 1 cause. Miss 604’s Blogathon Posts

Valleywagged and … Wondering uhhh … why?

scoble speaks, chris' dad with mic

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While it is nice that the somewhat-snarky, semi-self-indulgent, gossip-machine Valleywag has picked up on my treasure trove of *high* quality content (art before commerce yo!), I am not sure why they picked this rather substandard pic of the noted blogger Robert Scoble to run with their article on Scoble’s habits (slow news day?).

I know that every conference Scobes is at (at least the ones i make it to) is laden with these “shooters” (think photodudes like Krug, Scales, Beale, Leung) with their fancy lenses and technical prowess, all creeping in for the killer shot with one elbow cocked up sniping the shot – and their collections are probably more flattering and fascinating.

My shot … This one is pure coincidence as he was standing behind me. Shit, even I have better Scoble pics including this softie – and i am even curious how it floated onto vWag’s radar since it wasn’t even tagged.

Anyhow, Scoble at Gnomedex with Chris Pirillo’s pa holding the mic (he looks like the Dad in CBC’s Corner Gas BTW) is my grand entrance to the tech gossip rag world, watch out Silly-conners.

Silent Scoble can’t stop twittering

Faces to go with Names – Xeni Jardin, Bruce Sterling

Bruce Sterling & Xeni Jardin (cool shirt)

Originally uploaded by Laughing Squid.
Xeni rocks Boing Boing and NPR and does these fascinating journies to far flung lands (i.e. Tibet) to geek out on culture and communication.

Bruce sees the future and speaks about it in a compelling and entartaining manner.

Photographer Scott is Laughing Squid (hosting etc) and rocks the photos at every damn geek-fest going.

Recommended Listening from SxSW

This is a great spiel on the big picture of culture, criticism and community and openly dialouging to figure out if we are doing something worthy.  And, if so, finding means (including vocabulary) to express what really is driving the paradigm shifts in publishing, creation and communicating by Wired’s futurist Bruce Sterling.  I don’t attend SxSW but want to go just to hear his annual state of the statelessness. 

Parts remind me a bit of the book by Jane Jacobs (Systems of Survival?) about the 2 syndromes of civilization (commercial and guardian) and how the two pollute each other when mixed.

Bruce Sterling’s SXSW Rant (.mp3)

Close your SXSW Interactive panel experience with the traditional Tuesday-afternoon talk from the outspoken author and leader of the Veridian Design Movement.

Moderator: Bruce Sterling Visionary In Residence,

south by southwest festivals + conferences

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Beverages at Seattle’s Fish Club

Greetings from Gnomedex 06! Dave enjoys a beverage
Snapshot by Jay AKA theunabonger who blogged about Gnomedex too.

Gnomedex Recap with EMP Action – Gnomedex 06 #4

Admitting my affection for the GoGos at the final night party of Gnomedex at Experience Music Project, I check in with Jay aka Cosmo G Spacely the Unabonger, Jacob from Arkansas and the lovely Dingo to recap the event whilst lounging at the bar.

Topics include:
* PT’s (of Make Magazine) rapid hardware hacks
* Ethan Kaplan’s (at the time at Warner Brothers) views on the music industry and REM stories
* Some disagreement between veterans including Dave Winer and some upstarts about the “way things should be done”
* Tara Hunt and Chris Messina (then of Citizen Media) and the advantage of keeping companies small (i.e. 80 10lb spider monkeys vs an 800lb gorillas)
* Werner Voegels (CTO of Amazon) introducing the concept of cloud storage and delivery
* The variety of companies here between big and small, and absent and here, including Yahoo, Google, Intel and the love of Flickr
* Meeting new friends including Jacob from Arkansas who shares a birthday with Cosmo
* Kum By Ya singing
* Dave Dederer (ex Presidents of the United States of America) jam session
* EMP’s Sci-Fi exhibit
* Props for Chris Pirillo
* etc.

Canada Day at Gnomedex06, Part #1

At Gnomedex tech and culture conference in Seattle, Jay (aka Unabonger or Cosmo) and Dave (me, Uncle Weed) offer Canada Day wishes and recap Broadband Mechanics and Marc Canter’s mighty party, the absurdity of stealth start-ups and venture capitalist, Dave Winer who created RSS, and preview PT of Make Mag and check out the t-shirts, lounges while walking into the conference for the official Canadian recognition and seeing Tara Hunt and so on.

Artifacts from Mindcamp 2006: Things i Do Not Understand

I attended Mindcamp in 2006 held in an unused, eerily empty office building in the southern Seattle industrial lands. Folks geeked out on projects and played a game called Wolverine with great intensity. I did not understand the game nor much else.