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a project to release hundreds of high quality books into the wild with “library card” style dossiers included to folks to read, sign, share…

Miss 604’s Liberated Iliad

Via Rebeca Bollwitt aka Miss 604, “Was compelled to look over my bookshelf today and opened up “my” copy of The Iliad. Turns out it’s Dave’s copy (and West Van SD’s copy) 😍”

Making deposits at a little library, Victoria

Arts and Crafts: Liberated Literature Project Overview

A briefing about a project called “Liberated Literature” to spread books from my personal library to readers around the world for their personal enjoyment & fulfillment.

All the books are proper literature and will include a library-like card instructing the bearer to Read it, Sign it, Share it. #davestory

Liberated Literature Ahoy!

Ahoy! Behold the stack of literature seeking liberation, seeded among the byways of lands – foreign & domestic.

Read it > Sign it > Share it

Pick em up by Saturday!

Behold! Liberated Literature

Behold! I have hundreds of literary classics to spread around the world – Can you help?

With moving imminent, I am passing along hundreds of books from my beloved, carefully-curated personal library.

This is a project called Liberated Literature in which all books are equipped with an old school library-style card insert instructing to: Read it, Sign it, Share it. 

Your mission is to leave a fave on the bus, at a hostel, to a friend, dropoff at a community center, stick in a hidden place for someone find it in two decades… It’s up to you.

The collection includes literary classics from Russians to transcendentalists to beats, travelogues, peace studies, natural history, geography, discourse, privacy law, good times, counterculture and much much more.

Perhaps you will come pick up a stash to seed into the world?

Guaranteed fun spreading these tomes into the world that’s for sure.

Will be fun to see what adventures these books go on ~ many of them already visited many countries in the back of my pack, Let’s keep the inspiration rolling!

Art saves lives. Liberated Literature.

Liberated Literature on the backporch

So many lovely, top-end literature friends send out to the world. I hope their lives are most wonderful and folks drop a note from time to time.