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talks and the props from talks at geek camps about wordpress and publishing

Whoa dude, @kk just uploaded my whole spiel from #wcw09 talking ‘bout revolutionary publishing from Greeks to Geeks

Dave Olson describes his WCW talk (video)

Dave Olson describes his WCW talk (video)

“Are You Worthy” spiel at Wordcamp Whistler 2009 – Interview by John Biehler

Dave Olson describes his WCW talk from John Biehler on Vimeo ++ From John Biehler’s Random Stuff about Wordcamp Whistler 2009:

Dave Olson ended the day with his talk and had the entire audience hanging on his every word. He invited people to sit up front and close since he wasn’t using the projector…and lots did. It was a great session to end the conference with.

Storytime with Uncle Weed

I also wanted to play around with my Lensbaby Composer (especially in video mode on the D90) so here’s a quick video I shot during lunch where Lorraine was interviewing Dave for the live stream she was doing on Watch it in HD on Vimeo too.

Source: Random stuff from WordCamp Whistler 2009 –

Zoiks waiting for a bus to take me from whistler Nordic to upper village where I am missing the #wcw09 fun – be there soon!

Got my 30 pound suitcase of classic and grassroots literature…

Got my 30 pound suitcase of classic and grassroots literature and heading to meet my #wcw09 squad at @raincitystudios via the 17 bus

en route to #wordcampwhistler

Hauling a suitcase full of books and zines and such on the bus for wordcamp whistler preso – no change of clothes but a 1st edition kerouac

I did bring pyjamas and toothbrush and hat and gloves besides the 30lb of books (including don Quixote, Ulysses, the orestia, and Lenin)

Speaking at Wordcamp Whistler, 2008 – preview

The gang is rallying up WordCamp Whistler have accepted my pitch to speak at the event which is all about WordPress and happening in Whistler, BC, January 24, 2009.

Here’s my pitch so i can remember what i am spieling about:

Topic: Are you Worthy? Publishing from Greeks to Geeks

The mighty power of web publishing should not be taken lightly. Traditionally, for stories to reach an audience required navigating layers levels or publishers, printers, editors, distributors but with WordPress, anyone can spread stories to a worldwide audience, instantly, for almost free. Awesome! But do you deserve this power? Of course you do – as long as you make something remarkable.

To make your work rise to the top requires diligent honing of your craft – from writing to photography. Writer and documentarian Dave Olson (AKA uncleweed) will offer reasons to push yourself to create art, as well as share practical methods for finding inspiration and following through to publication.

By exploring other forms of grassroots publishing, and exploring real-life WP examples, you’ll leave with a keen sense of your place in the history of personal expression, and a renewed vigor for making your best stuff ever.


Poet, podcaster, pundit, and chronic documentarian, Dave Thorvald Olson enjoys making arts and crafts, listening to vinyl albums, wandering in the forest, and soaking in hot springs.

Dave has traveled to 22 countries, worked as a mushroom farmer, fire juggler, and submarine tour guide, followed the Grateful Dead, and made a feature-length documentary film called HempenRoad. After founding, selling, and jettisoning several Internet companies, Dave now works for Raincity Studios, a Vancouver web agency.

Published in numerous magazines, journals, and books, Dave is most proud of his handmade poetry chapbooks, static montage art, and international audio hi-jinks. He publishes podcasts, poetry, and ephemera at a variety of sites – you can find them, if you are worthy.