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Japan: Okayama Station to Certain Hotels: Wayfinding (from #DRO420 kekkonshiki)

This dispatch shares wayfinding tips to get from the main train station, down a covered shopping arcade, over a canal, a stop for coffee at Stand (optional) and then to Koraku hotel (conveniently embedded with a post office and convenience store).

Then passing statues and bars, to the Okayama View Hotel – located across from the Birkenstock store and ¥100 shop – and over to the Tenmaya shopping area and transit hub as needed.

Note to self: include local hosted version of video here:

This video “Okayama Station to Certain Hotels: Wayfindingalso exists via Youtube but also here in case its not there anymore, not sure why i’m telling you this except “make sure you control all your artifacts” if you are into archiving.