Critics slam Olympic bylaws via Westender

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The Act gives Olympic security officers the right to enter private residences with 24 hours’ notice to remove or cover up signs that the City of Vancouver classifies as “ambush marketing and graffiti.”

Under current provisions of the Vancouver Charter, it would take the City 30 days or more to remove such signage, but the new Act would allow the City to stop the unauthorized distribution of flyers and display of commercial signs immediately.

While the City distributed a media release on October 20 stating that “there is a misperception that free speech during the Olympics is at risk” and that the City is “not focused on anti-Olympic signs,” Olympic critics Chris Shaw and Alissa Westergard-Thorpe will continue with their lawsuit against the City of Vancouver for infringing on Charter rights to free speech, which they launched with the BC Civil Liberties Association earlier this month.