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Invite / letter: “Far Far West Party” – 1994 / Logan, UT

Invite / letter: “Far Far West Party” – 1994 / Logan, UT / layout version, outsider

Somehow, somewhere between my first couple trips to Japan (frankly it’s a little bit foggy after a plan to go to Mexico and live on the beach didn’t materialize, hemp fests, Dead concerts, flower sticks & hemp bag selling), I was in Logan, Utah (where i had spruced-up my Volkswagen bus “the Earthship” only to abandon it) where my Mom rented a rambling old polygamist house in the shadow of the LDS temple which she rented as a boarding house for various students plus a few randoms living in the backyard in a sort of tent/van village.

Logan isn’t my favourite place (so many cops and rules!) but, here I was and as such, I put together a party to reunite with old friends, share stories, collect lent items, play some music and hit up hot springs.

Invite / letter: “Far Far West Party” – 1994 / Logan, UT / layout version, inside

I designed this “aerogramme-inspired” invitation (meaning the paper was both an envelope and a letter), including various snippets of haiku art, doodles, maps and intentions, and floated them out into the world. The party was called “Far Far West” in homage to a Gary Snyder poem about going to Japan and my westward facing, Pacific centric geographic mindset.

Wasn’t sure what to make of it all as addresses were stale, friends were transient, memory scare, but, as it goes, worked out just wonderful as dozens of people came throughout a few days with folks camping out in the backyard to the chagrin of the neighbours who tried to poison the dogs (seriously!) as well as called the police who stealthed into our backyard campfire while we were singing along to Larry’s autoharp and Marty Kendall’s ceramic drums and, surprisingly, the police were rather chill about everything / they asked us to play a song, we did, they told us to have a good night, they left, we laughed and we sparked up another one and kept on going.

As it goes, there was a *loaves and fishes* vibes as my wonderful Mother put on big pots of curry and different stews with ingredients folks brought along, and we kept pots of coffee and exotic teas going in a truly freeform fun for all couple of days.

Sensei Larry Harper and Dave at some derelict hot springs nears Tremonton, Utah during the “far far west” part weekend, 1994 (?)

I recall the 2nd day included a trip out to a derelict hot spring on the side of a forgotten highway which had sort of been roughed in by a dangerous assortment of bricks. Nevertheless, we soaked, we played banjo music… and I have a photo of me and Sensei Larry to prove it (somewhere in the boxes there might be a few more snapshots).

Invite / letter: “Far Far West Party” – 1994 / Logan, UT / production version, inside

I will say that I was surprised to see this invitation – both the original layout as well as a production copy printed on 50% post consumer recycled “redrock” paper and dutifully printed with some copywriting that somehow makes me smile still. (Note: included the layout and production versions for posterity and archiving).

Invite / letter: “Far Far West Party” – 1994 / Logan, UT / production version, outside

Note: poetry snippets from “January in Hot Springs” series

Critics slam Olympic bylaws via Westender

[stale link, no archive]

The Act gives Olympic security officers the right to enter private residences with 24 hours’ notice to remove or cover up signs that the City of Vancouver classifies as “ambush marketing and graffiti.”

Under current provisions of the Vancouver Charter, it would take the City 30 days or more to remove such signage, but the new Act would allow the City to stop the unauthorized distribution of flyers and display of commercial signs immediately.

While the City distributed a media release on October 20 stating that “there is a misperception that free speech during the Olympics is at risk” and that the City is “not focused on anti-Olympic signs,” Olympic critics Chris Shaw and Alissa Westergard-Thorpe will continue with their lawsuit against the City of Vancouver for infringing on Charter rights to free speech, which they launched with the BC Civil Liberties Association earlier this month.


Vancouver police plan Downtown Eastside crackdown ahead of Olympics | Vancouver, Canada | Straight.com

Vancouver police plan Downtown Eastside crackdown ahead of Olympics | Vancouver, Canada | Straight.com

My pal Hemp Ed writes to Rep. Baird about unneeded COP grants for tiny Pe Ell

My pal Hemp Ed writes to Rep. Baird about unneeded COP grants for tiny Pe Ell, Washington


Letter to US Congressman Brian Baird from Ed in Pe Ell

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man getting shook down by transit cops (3 notes, 3 broken links)

Video of a man getting shook down by transit cops in Vancouver for marijuana on his breath – troubling & disturbing http://www.megaphonemagazine.com/blog/know_your_rights.html

Shame on the Transit Police Service (AKA Greater Vancouver Transportation Authority Police Service) Shameful behaviour http://www.gvtaps.bc.ca/common_qs/default.htm

Heh Vancouver Police ready to over-react if folks start having fun – how about redeploying to gang violence http://bit.ly/cSDPJ

High Witness Report at In-site Police Standoff – Choogle On! #71

High Witness Report at In-site Police Standoff – Choogle on #71

photo by UW, art’ed by Bread the Producer

At a thwarted benefit concert for Insite, the supervised injection clinic in Vancouver’s troubled downtown Eastside, Uncle Weed chronicles the massive show of force by the Vancouver Police Department who shut down the Bedouin Soundclash concert and blockaded a full block of Hastings Street – ironically because, “pedestrians or motorists may be unduly put at risk by the event”.

The volunteers continued the civil disobedience bar-b-q to feed homeless folks despite the hullabaloo by the cops and vocal demonstrators attempting to incite a confrontation. Joined by the Quebecois Correspondent, UW discusses the political situation, harm reduction strategy, and gives a shout out to former Vancouver mayor Larry Campbell (now a Canadian federal senator). 

Line-up for High Witness Report at the In-site Police Standoff – Choogle on #71 (.mp3, 10:47, 10MB)

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Excerpts from the War on Sanity (featuring Hypocritical Cop on Cop action!)

Releases › LEAP Becomes Latest Victim of Government Censorship

DATELINE: 8.26.2008

Arlington: Virginia – Retired police detective, Howard Wooldridge, representing Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) was ousted from the National Asian Peace Officers Association (NAPOA) Conference in Crystal City because he was representing a view contrary U.S. government policy.

LEAP is a 10,000-member organization of police, judges, prosecutors, DEA & FBI agents, and others who know ending drug prohibition will reduce death, disease, crime, and addiction, while saving billions of our tax dollars each year.

On Tuesday (8.26.2008) acting under pressure from unnamed federal officials, Reagan Fong, President of the NAPOA, insisted on the immediate removal of LEAP from the conference vendor roster. It appears that some of the event’s other exhibitors took exception to the LEAP message and put pressure on the event organizer to expel LEAP from the event. While the incident was civil and took place prior to the second day’s session it represents a serious violation of Constitutional rights as cited within the First Amendment.

Federal agency representatives manning booths at the conference included DEA, Federal Air Marshals, NCIS, and Coast Guard. The prior day LEAP’s spokesperson had visited the DEA booth and described the agent as “decidedly unhappy” with an opposing viewpoint. In sharp contrast at 37 national and international law enforcement Conferences where LEAP has been allowed to exhibit, 80% of booth visitors agreed with LEAP’s stance for ending this failed drug war.

As for the Crystal City NAPOA incident, the appearance of impropriety is almost as bad as the real thing. LEAP has attempted to establish contact with Mr. Fong, NAPOA President, to confirm the details of the incident but we have received no response so we can only conclude it is blatant censorship originating from a judgmental “Big Brother” mentality. LEAP believes that this group owes us an apology. We ask that Mr. Fong identify the individual, agency or group that lobbied for our eviction from the event.

If this was an independent effort then he or she was acting outside the scope of authority and should receive administrative punishment for unprofessional actions. If this action was sanctioned by upper level management then the managers need to explain their behavior in an open forum. If this was sanctioned official action by the U.S. Government it is a serious matter which requires serious and immediate attention.

Terry L. Nelson 817-573-6927
Jack A. Cole 617-792-3877
Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.

The Police Dress Rehersal – Vancouver

Stew!!!!!! Tonight Live.

Police in Vancouver

After rehearshing in NOrth Van the past while, this announcement is totally unexpected but exciting.   Stand in line now for tickets!

LOS ANGELES — The Police 30th Anniversary reunion world tour will kick off May 28 at Vancouver’s GM Place and travel through North America until early August, Sun Media has exclusively learned.

CANOE — JAM! Music – Artists – Police, The: Police reunion tour starts in Van.