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3 pack of music journalism/story-telling (Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Alex Chilton)

* First, a dispatch comes from Paul save her up David Letterman/SNL fame (and a fellow Canadian) riffing about poet/singer/everything Bob Dylan with anecdotes laden with name-drops in context here in Vanity Fair in 2009 (with David Ritz).

Bob Dylan’s Band Camp The legendary maestro remembers a soul-rattling moment with his musical—and religious—guru.

* Next up in a series of dispatch about music/journalism/stories comes connective tissue – so to speak – between Paul Schaffer and Bob Dylan (ha ha, I know)…

Neil Young has transformed himself from album to album, decade to decade, always managing to stay relevant, yet often playing for the future rather than the present.

The most salient example of this is his early 1980s album “Trans” in which he experimented with synthesizers and voice-coders and all of these electro-tools, along with his usual clever song writing and occasional guitars…

I bought the album as a young fella and was a bit confused at first expecting something more like “rust never sleeps”, but soon I understood the importance of experimentation and being true to the sounds you wanted to create (in this case, connecting with his sensory disabled son).

This article by Richard McKenna in We Are Mutants unpacks the project in nuanced detail.

“More Than Just a Number”: Defending Neil Young’s ‘Trans’

* Completing a trifecta, this dispatch chronicles the life and career (as it were) of an under-appreciated talent, Alex Chilton (see: Big Star, Boxtops and others).

You can “blame“ his erstwhile under-appreciation on poor performing record label promotion departments, being in wrong place wrong time, the usual addictions and malcontents etc. but no mistaking his influence on future musicians who combined his dedication to craft and go-for-broke skills into music which was influenced by, or about, him.

Lindsay Zoladz’s article is also a good reminder to support your local up-and-comers as any of them could be the next Alex Chilton, or rather the first themselves.

December Boy: On Alex Chilton
The late lead singer of Big Star and the Box Tops had a trove of unreleased music unearthed. What can we learn from the gifted, self-destructive genius?




Tragically Hip – Man, Machine, Poem tour / media + artifact round-up

Happy place: Listening to special mix…

Happy place: Listening to special mix of #GD50 > Jack Kerouac spoken word about Dean Moriarty > John Cairney reads as Rabbie Burns

Grateful Dead – Fare Thee Well Summer Scrapbook #GD50

So You Think You Know the Banjo? — THE BITTER SOUTHERNER

So You Think You Know the Banjo? — THE BITTER SOUTHERNER.


I’ve heard it said that most people can transform vast amounts of information into knowledge quite easily, but gaining true wisdom about a subject often comes only after someone provides context and connections to help us synthesize our solitary pillars of knowledge. In no small way, the Carolina Chocolate Drops stand in the gap between knowledge and wisdom, providing the context we all need to better understand our shared musical history and better relate to one another.

Thoughts about John Lennon dying

I remember vividly as a 4th grader in the library at Prince Charles Elementary school when i heard the news.

Cather in the Rye is still a prized treasure to me and i am pissed about fcking Chpmn tainting its legacy as well as taking away a great peacemaker.

I am in Jamaica in the shadows of Bob Marley’s cabin and can’t help but to think how the world would be different with just the presence of these two world-changers. It’s up to us now.

War(s) are/is Over if you Want it.

A New England – Billy Bragg Live At The Union Chapel

Billy Bragg Live At The Union Chapel CD/DVD Out 14th April 2014  Here he sings the bitter-sweet ballad “A New England” at Wembley (not sure what’s the deal with the different venues names but i just like the song…)

Bob Dylan’s ‘Da Vinci Code’ Revealed – The Daily Beast

Bob Dylan’s ‘Da Vinci Code’ Revealed – The Daily Beast

Pixies live at KCRW


Pixies – Live At KCRW (Live, April 24, 2014)

Pixies were in the KCRW studio yesterday and recorded this session.

  1. Gouge Away
  2. What Goes Boom
  3. Brick Is Red
  4. Bagboy
  5. Monkey Gone To Heaven
  6. (Interview w/o Paz, interestingly)
  7. Blue Eyed Hexe
  8. Planet Of Sound
  9. In Heaven (The Lady In The Radiator Song)
  10. Andro Queen
  11. Greens And Blues

A Look Back: 30 years of iconic rock and roll in Utah

A Look Back: 30 years of iconic rock and roll in Utah