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toiled as Director of Fan Communities for a “behind the scenes” type film production and promotion property – grew community and traffic exponentially with creative campaigns and vidcast series

Social Promotion for Movies guidebook – White paper for filmmakers

My final act for my was writing and presenting a white-paper-like guide, laden with tips, tricks and best practices for filmmakers to build audience for their movie during production – especially tuned for those filmmakers working outside of the studio system producing movies in the 1-10 million budget range. I suppose the learning began when making documentary film HempenRoad on shoestring budget back in 1996-7 and continued helping films like The Irishman, Daydream Nation and many others spread the word while working as Director of Fan Communities.

This report lives on the Dailies blog but is designed to be shared and passed along. With this in mind, here is the Social Promotion for Movies guidebook (you can download the .pdf on Slideshare) plus the slides from the presentation (pardons for a few formatting anomalies – as such, not downloadable).

While some of the content is specific MovieSet’s production tools and movies marketing in general, most of the knowledge contained within can be applied to other products or projects you are promoting using social media and search marketing – plus all tools mentioned are free or cheap. So excuse the marketing sales stuff and you should gather a few juicy bits outta this guide. Happy to hear your comments however this is likely a final iteration as my time at the company is finished.

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Social Promotion For Movies – Presentation

Notes for Promoting Movies Online



  • Building the story
  • Inviting to engage

Tip: Really social media like hosting a party without the cleanup. To play a good host, you should provide a comfortable environment, interesting topics to discuss and make sure


Identified audience

A note about Google-juice


Festivals, distributors
Buzz – bring your own audience


Like any successful endeavor, your promotional campaign will be more enjoyable to execute with more success with some planning.

Start with analyzing objectives – each project varies somewhat, but, in general your production promotional campaign is designed to:

  1. Create awareness with potential audience to build excitement about the film
  2. Generate interest from festivals and distributors by engaging audience
  3. Create archive of documentary material to tell the film’s back-story

Producing Promo Content

Tip: Look for shooting days with lots of action and visual interest, i.e.: choose stunt scenes, action sequences, or lots of extras rather than dialog-heavy scenes

Tip: Purchase a couple of FlipHD camera (less than $200) for casual video blogging by cast/crew – let them have fun with it


Once the videos, photo, articles and news are live, it’s time to let people know and invite them to engage.

For starters:

  1. Twitter updates – Set up an account to provide micro-updates to captures your brand name and “back channel” info
  2. Build links – Add links to your MovieSet Sitelet from IMDB, Wikipedia, studio page, Facebook page etc.
  3. Submit socially – Contribute interesting articles or videos to Digg, Stumble Upon, Delicious for the public to review, rate, share

Here are a few more tactics:

  1. Invite friends to become “Fans” of the movie – and comment – on Sitelet
  2. Comment on blog posts discussing the movie
  3. Create video blogs answering fan questions
  4. Provide ways for audience to promote to friends
  5. Set up a Facebook page – Note: MovieSet integrates seamlessly with FB

Optimizing Content

Stills – Standard promotional stills are good but also candid behind-the-scenes shots of cast and crew at work and conceptual art are fantastic

Tip: Be sure to take the time to label with images with a specific title and a detailed description – this is nice to people and great for search engines

Video – Both casual, unedited video blogs and/or more polished featurettes are both highly desired for movie fans & archival use – find unusual stories and unlikely characters

Tip: Set up a space on set where cast/crew can sit down for a comfortable 5 minute conversation when they have time between shots – find unusual stories and unlikely characters.

Blog – Think of the blog as a production journal or scrapbook – blog articles use text narrative to
provide story context to stills and videos


  • Break it up – Use block quotes for long quotations  and subheadings to organize long stories
  • Specific headlines – Write descriptive titles including people’s name – a spicy adjective helps too
  • Tags, you’re it – Include names of actors, including misspelling, plus film jargon like actor, director, adventure, love scene – whatever is applicable.

Links – Point fans to other resources about your movie like IMDB, Wikipedia, studio, production company, distributors, cast personal blogs … it’s up to you

Tip: Acknowledge bloggers who promote your movie with a link back from links or in a blog post – build enthusiasm to evangelize


Notes for Cinema Enthusiasts blog – Miscellania about using social media to promote movies and culture

IndieAGoGo – Raise money and find collaborators

Without a Box – Submit to festivals – Free promotional Sitelet (like indie, optimized EPK storage)


  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • MySpace
  • YouTube
  • Flickr
  • IMDB
  • Wikipedia
  • Google Alerts
  • Tubemogul


  • Google Juice
  • Web 2.0
  • Social media
  • Social networking
  • Blogs, Vlogs, Podcasts
  • Web apps
  • RSS
  • Blogs
  • Video-blogs
  • Podcasts

Head at Work (seen on Ggle Street View)

I can see the back of my head sitting at a desk through the window in Google Street view 

(2nd floor above Kinko’s at Movieset)

i’ve lost faith in my fellow humans…

oh my – i’ve lost faith in my fellow humans – CNN actually ran the Pauly Shore clip from my day-job. Even CBC wrote about it – is this news?

Breaking the Trailer Park Boys – Step 1, bribe with liquor money

Social Media dude Jess Sloss breaks down a blogger outreach campaign launched to drum up attn for a Trailer Park Boys contest to promote a new movie and release of TV series on DVD.

Check the whole “mini case study” at: 3 Tips for Buying Social Media Attention by Jess Sloss on  June 26, 2009.

First, he outlines the gist of the outreach tactics, saying:

The long and short of it is this, they will give me $50, as long as I plop that banner you see in the side bar and send out a tweet.

There’s more too it though. Here’s how they outlined the offer:

The MovieSet gang lifted 4 bags full of Trailer Park Boys DVDs but we can’t hold onto the stash so are giving the booty away with a sweepstakes. We gotta let all of Sunnyvale know about the goods so we’re offering you a bribe to spread the rumors.

Whatcha get:

1. Bottle of Ray’s liquor – $20

2. Bag of Nova Scotia’s finest – $20

3. Kitty – free + $10 for shots

Then comes the money shot:

We’ve done enough law breaking to know we can’t just mail all this contraband so instead we’ll send you a cheque for $50. You gotta be in USA or Canada to get the payola and be invited by specifically. No hanger-ons and groupies.

Then, he outlines the reasons he bought into the pitch:

1) Money isn’t the value proposition
2) The story is more than the sum of it’s parts
3) Humor goes a long way

And wraps up by distilling a few tips (which i heartily endorse):

a) Tell a Story
b) Answer the “why” Question
c) Be Real

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…en route to job, with new intern waiting…

i’m *almost* at the office 1-1/2 hrs late – breaking in new intern this morn – first lesson = waiting patiently for slacker boss to arrive

MovieSet traffic on the up and up – Techvibes Blog

MovieSet traffic on the up and up – Techvibes Blog

“takes fans behind the scenes. @uncleweed explains how…”

Via @gillianshaw:

@movieset takes fans behind the scenes. @uncleweed explains how:  PS check the article in today’s Vancouver Sun

(archived link): Online and on the set 

“Check out @uncleweed’s latest success at building an audience…”

Via @mtippett:

Check out @uncleweed’s latest success at building an audience Dave is the real deal 

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