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Memo: Slowly pulling myself together to get more of my creations out into the world and a few ¥£€$ coming my way.  Everyone’s a winner! Let’s begin, choose below:

Art Postcards x4, Postbox series, vol. 1

1) Art Postcards x4, Postbox series, vol. 1: Set of 4 postcards of paintings of post boxes/offices from around the world: Kathmandu, Nepal; Muscat, Oman; Olympia, Greece, and The Vatican, then printed on archival tactile watercolour paper and hand-finished.

Art Postcard sets – printed on watercolour paper and finished / stamped by hand: all ready for your enjoyment

Sure you can mail them to your friends but they’re so pretty you might want to keep &/or frame (tip: order two sets) comes in a decorated envelope with other treats and price includes mailing anywhere.

2) Art Dossier: big packet of art/poetry/etc: Prints of paintings, poetry chapbooks, various handmade postcards, fictional letters, unique ephemera, snippets of memories and scrapbooks. Includes mailing anywhere.

Art Dossier: big packet of art/poetry/etc / each one unique and custom assembled

Each one unique & hand-crafted of course, stuff I’m working on now, stuff I worked on then, i’ll sorta read your mind to see what works best… collectible & enjoyable, no doubt about it.

Art dossiers include mix of postcards, poems, flyers, prints, maps, notes, ephemera and other treats (tea pot not included)

Right now, thrifty price & i’ll add in other treats, hand address the envelopes, resplendent with inky & postal stamps and Air Mail anywhere in the world for the listed price.

3) Support, kick down $5USD/month ($55/year) automagically and you’ll get frequent access to digital ebooks and artifacts of current and past projects PLUS postcards in the mail on the regular. 

With this “Buy Me Coffee” channel, i will add “digital chapbooks” of various collections and stories which *i’ve always meant to finish but never quite did* and wow, you’ll enjoy, i just know it. 

Buy me a Coffee (so to speak)

I promise to spend all the proceeds on (specifically):

  1. postal stamps / printer ink / fine paper
  2. + diapers and records
  3. beyond $1000USD/mo goes to support Nepal and India

mixed-media art library, global diary, project dossier and whole life documentation