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Daveo Shop on Hiatus

Due to some hassles with the “buy me a coffee” platform – specifically payment methods, (along with my lingering bewildering illness #MECFS), i’m putting the “DaveO Postcard shop” on hiatus indefinitely. 

Might return at some point in another format. I’m still making stuff, albeit slowly, and have some new creative schemes and ideas in mind. And of course will continue on with my usual correspondence with high level of diligence and affection.

DaveO Shop on Hiatus, thanks for support

If there’s something you really want, just get a hold of me and we’ll work it out. Also, anyone who paid in advance or whatever, don’t worry, will get you all sorted out.

Thank you to everyone who supported this project buying art dossiers, monthly postcard subscriptions, my lovingly prepared postcard sets and so on. You gave me an opportunity to create some of my favorite things ever and I’m very proud to adorn your refrigerators, scrapbooks and shoeboxes.

Previously (ignore)

Memo: Slowly pulling myself together to get more of my creations out into the world and a few ¥£€$ coming my way.  Everyone’s a winner!

With this “Buy Me Coffee” channel, i will add “digital chapbooks” of various collections and stories which *i’ve always meant to finish but never quite did* and wow, you’ll enjoy, i just know it.

Anyhow… Let’s begin, choose below, click click zoom hooray! PS Price includes shipping anywhere in the world in a hand-packed and decorated envelope. 

Art Postcards x7, Gravelly Beach series

Set of 7 hand-finished, numbered prints of oil paintings on Japanese postcard paper featuring scenes from the very end of the Puget Sound, WA (Cascadia). Ah! the rousing end of the sea, swirling skies, towering trees, driftwood logs, and flowers just for you.

A decade and half in the making, the backstory is: “Gravelly Beach” was a home for a while and inspired these paintings, then related poems, which then sparked a podcast of poetry, then the paintings became actual postcards. And here we are, ready to send to you. $28USD includes custom mailing anywhere.

Art Postcards x4, Postbox series

Set of 4 postcards of paintings of post boxes/offices from around the world: Kathmandu, Nepal; Muscat, Oman; Olympia, Greece, and The Vatican, then printed on archival tactile watercolour paper and hand-finished.

Art Postcards x4, Postbox series, vol. 1

Sure you can mail them to your friends but they’re so pretty you might want to keep &/or frame (tip: order two sets) comes in a decorated envelope with other treats. $18USD includes custom mailing anywhere.

Art Postcard sets – printed on watercolour paper and finished / stamped by hand: all ready for your enjoyment

Art Dossier: big packet of art/poetry/etc.

Variety pack of prints of paintings, poetry chapbooks, handmade postcards, fictional letters, unique ephemera, snippets of memories and scrapbooks. Includes mailing anywhere.

Art Dossier: big packet of art/poetry/etc / each one unique and custom assembled

Each one unique & hand-crafted of course, stuff I’m working on now, stuff I worked on then, i’ll sorta read your mind to see what works best… collectible & enjoyable, no doubt about it.  $25USD includes custom mailing anywhere.

Art dossiers include mix of postcards, poems, flyers, prints, maps, notes, ephemera and other treats (tea pot not included)

Art Postcards x2, Spain alleys series

Spanish Alleys in mixed media, printed and hand-finished for your enjoyment

Set of 2 quality, hand-finished art prints of paintings from alleys in Barcelona – right off Las Ramblas, peeking into apartments from a Juliet balcony – and Granada – amidst a jumbled alley of a Teteria with shishas, paper lamps and buildings seeming to fall into each other.  $9USD includes custom mailing anywhere.

Art Postcards (Spain alleys series x2)
Art Postcards (Spain alleys series x2)

Art Postcards x4, India Lomo series

Expediting confidential postcards, by hand #Fragile, vol. 13 India Lomo series

Set of 4 photo print postcards made with a Lomo “sardine can” spy camera in Kochi, Kerala India. All hazy and mysterious featuring a steel steed bicycle, Royal Enfield Motorcycle, “Danger” stacks, and cenotaph and church where Vasco Da Gamma’s bones “were”. Hand-finished and bundled with affection. $16USD includes custom mailing anywhere.

“India Lomos” set of 4 b&w photos from Kerala

Items Forgotten: Vol. 1, Arab Disguise (ebook) 

Freeverse poetry written in foreign lands and aboard ships, cut and pasted (literally) onto hotel stationery (vintage, current, fictional), embellished with ephemera, inky stamps and cancelled postage and bundled together creating forgotten stories, found in strange circumstances, lost and found. $4USD easy download.

Tip: print, decorate and assemble your own chapbook on your own

Stamp your own stamps, thumbprint, postal stamps and other decorations.

Postcard Subscription Club & Support

kick down $5USD/month ($55/year) automagically and you’ll get frequent access to digital ebooks and artifacts of current and past projects PLUS postcards in the mail monthly

I promise to spend all the proceeds on (specifically):

  1. postal stamps / printer ink / fine paper
  2. + diapers and records
  3. beyond $1000USD/mo goes to support Nepal and India

Made with Affection, ergo:

mixed-media art library, global diary, project dossier and whole life documentation