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Radian6 Layoffs Prove Social is Not All About Technology – Techvibes

Techvibes broke some big news yesterday (Oct. 24, 2012)

But it wasn’t the page views, retweets, and Likes that blew us away. It was the comments on our article.

Shortly after publishing our piece confirming a slew of layoffs at New Brunswick’s Radian6 readers started weighing in with their two cents, job offers, and best wishes. Surprisingly most of the best wishes were from competitors in the social marketing and analytics space.

As Ian Gertler so eloquently said, “the incredible level of respect and professional admiration in these comments is refreshing.” Here’s a sample:

HootSuite’s Dave Olson: “As VP Community at HootSuite, i am rather sad to see this. Radian 6 – from the other coast of Canada than us – we’re a noble competitor and industry light. Regardless of Salesforce’s plans with R6 (and yes they are a competitor to us), it’s simply sad to see diligent community builders cut loose. In my (biased) opinion, cultivating community and sparking internal culture are critical roles which simply can not be outsourced, ignored or underestimated. Best wishes to all who received the dreaded news today.”

Sysomos Community Manager Sheldon Levine: “While these guys have been and are a competitor to my company, Sysomos, I got to know a lot of the R6 team over the past few years and I was a bit upset to hear this news. Just because our companies are competitors doesn’t mean that I couldn’t be friends with some of these people, and it’s tough to see great people lose their jobs. I won’t say anymore about this, other than I wish all of these former employees the best of luck in the future and that any of them can feel free to reach out to me to talk any time.”

Source: Radian6 Layoffs Prove Social is Not All About Technology – Techvibes

Talking Hoot and Start-ups in Toronto with Techvibes

While on a biz trip to Toronto, I sat down for “5 Questions” with Karim Kanji of Techvibes at the EPIC restaurant (Epic is the name, not my description) at the Royal York Hotel. I manage to dispense some advice, offer props to iPadio (podcasting web app of Olympic Outsider), Sarah Prevette of Sprouter, and T.O. ex-pat Dave Delaney (dayjob= Griffin).

Go ahead and watch, it’s short and cheerful.

Bonus: Beers at the EPIC
beers at EPIC at Royal York in Toronto

HootSuite adds Owls – I’m DaveO, Community Wrangler (archive)

Note: This is my introductory post when i began working with/for Hootsuite, pulled from Archive.org Wayback machine capture on Jan 23rd 2010 from article originally published January 21, 2010.

I retired from Hootsuite in 2017, sharing for archival historical record.

HootSuite adds Owls – I’m DaveO, Community Wrangler

Big times here at HootSuite HQ as I arrived in the office yesterday and jumped right in with the ace team of developers and designers. No relaxing after the big announcement around here – instead the crew is on full throttle to continually improve the beloved social media dashboard.

But I’m not the only new face around here – over the coming weeks, I’ll introduce you to the versatile bunch who are diligently evolving HootSuite into what YOU want it to be (probably anyhow ;-) ).

I’m DaveO, Say Hello

Rather than introduce myself awkwardly in third-person, here’s what TechVibes published yesterday:

Dave Olson, Community Wrangler Dave Olson joins HootSuite as Community Director [archived link]

“One week after announcing that they raised $1.9 Million from VCs and Angels, HootSuite is putting that money to work and have hired Dave Olson as their new Community Director.

Olson will be responsible for overseeing marketing, outreach, and support for HootSuite and already has a number of educational and aspirational campaigns planned to evangelize the social media dashboard to content makers.

Olson was an early user of the initial Bright Kit tool and has actively used HootSuite for promoting his own projects – so this appears to be a perfect fit on both sides.

Up in until very recently, Olson was with Vancouver startup MovieSet – he wrapped up his duties there just last night after presenting a white paper called Social Promotion for Movies to the Canadian Film and TV Producers BC branch.

Olson made some noteworthy improvements at MovieSet during his time there and will no doubt continue overachieving in 2010 with HootSuite.[Read more]

Naturally, you can follow me on Twitter @daveohoots ~ ping me with your ideas for outreach and community building activities (and yeah, I tend a blog called Ephemeral Feasthouse). Of course for support-centric inquiries, please use HootSuite Support on Get Satisfaction and follow @hootsuite_help.

Creating Content Compulsively

I truly enjoy creating and publishing content to an audience using web tools – and I enjoy teaching others how to share their musing and creations with like-minded enthusiasts the world over (perhaps you’ve caught my shtick at SXSW, Northern Voice, WordCamp Whistler or various media outlets?)

Since my earliest days, I’ve created fanzines, newsletters, chapbooks and audio programs. When I “discovered” the web living on the island of Guam in 1995, my jaw dropped as I learned anyone can post words and pictures, in colour, for free or cheap. The next day, I began publishing my essays, stories and collections on the web and never looked back. A barrage or citizen reporting, podcast documentaries and a Twitter stream-of-consciousness all followed suit.

In previous professional incarnations, I’ve used HootSuite as, well … a user, so in my brief tenure, I’ve shared ideas about features, tune-ups and tweaks to add even more functionality. Stay tuned for more frequent announcements about what’s changing, plus I’ve learned a few new tricks which I’ll share in the coming months.

What’s on Tap?

On this blog channel, look forward to a variety of helpful discourse about enjoying this powerful paradigm where “regular folks” can have impact world events and share musings from recipes to revolutions.
Case Studies – analysis and knowledge sharing about unique HootSuite-powered social campaigns
Featured Users – all sorts of people and orgs are Hooting ~ from governments to rock bands ~ we wanna tell their stories
Tips and Tricks – think you know it all? betcha we can show you features and tactics you haven’t found yet – or perhaps will you show us?
Webinars – want to exchange experience and best practices about campaigns? great, we’ll schedule online sessions to discuss & teach
Meets the Owls – the devs behind the screens are the unsung heroes of tech-centric companies – we’ll introduce the folks who makes your tools
On the Road – with financing and a growing user base, we’re traveling to conferences and events to extol the HootSuite message ~ and meet the true believers

How do you Hoot?

I get a thrill from coming across projects using HootSuite in ways I’d never thought about before. Are you doing something unique and innovative with HootSuite? Are you running social-media-powered campaigns using HootSuite? Working for social change at a NPO/NGO? Maybe you are a record label managing multiple bands and fans? Drop me a note to share your kung-fu with the HootSuite nation.

Photo Credits:

Dave Olson in old-timey hat by kk+ Flickr
Dave Olson at WordCamp Whistler by Ianiv in Flickr

MovieSet traffic on the up and up – Techvibes Blog

MovieSet traffic on the up and up – Techvibes Blog

“MovieSet traffic on the up and up” – Techvibes Blog

MovieSet traffic on the up and up – Techvibes Blog

Vancouver’s Uncleweed Dave Olson left Raincity Studios in early January to join Vancouver movie maker and fan website MovieSet.

Earlier today he tweeted about the month-over-month growth if MovieSet.com – “Not too shabby for a poet”.