Social Promotion for Movies guidebook – White paper for filmmakers

My final act for my was writing and presenting a white-paper-like guide, laden with tips, tricks and best practices for filmmakers to build audience for their movie during production – especially tuned for those filmmakers working outside of the studio system producing movies in the 1-10 million budget range. I suppose the learning began when making documentary film HempenRoad on shoestring budget back in 1996-7 and continued helping films like The Irishman, Daydream Nation and many others spread the word while working as Director of Fan Communities.

This report lives on the Dailies blog but is designed to be shared and passed along. With this in mind, here is the Social Promotion for Movies guidebook (you can download the .pdf on Slideshare) plus the slides from the presentation (pardons for a few formatting anomalies – as such, not downloadable).

While some of the content is specific MovieSet’s production tools and movies marketing in general, most of the knowledge contained within can be applied to other products or projects you are promoting using social media and search marketing – plus all tools mentioned are free or cheap. So excuse the marketing sales stuff and you should gather a few juicy bits outta this guide. Happy to hear your comments however this is likely a final iteration as my time at the company is finished.

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Guide Book:


  • Intro to Participatory Marketing (keys, benefits, results)
  • Preparing Content (strategy for video, stills, blogs, news, links)
  • Search Optimizing (how search engines work & how to rank well)
  • Promotional Tactics (outreach, comment, converse, create, contests,
  • Campaign Planning (activities, objectives, assembling, approvals, measuring
  • More Help (sign-up for MovieSet’s tools or services)
  • Glossary/Toolbox/Credits

Blurb: “Social Promotion for Movies – A Practical Guide” covers most everything film producers and publicists need to know to begin identifying, outreaching and engaging fans. The white-paper-like booklet explains topics like Search Engine Optimization, Campaign Planning, Promotional Tactics and tips for preparing videos, stills, blogs, and news for maximum impact. Along with professional tips for building keyword lists and monitoring conversations, you’ll find a list of tools, resources, performance indicators and action plans for getting cast and crew onboard.

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