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Open Letter to VANOC Media Relations and Press Operations from Social Media Makers

Social Reporter Toolbox – articles, publishing outlets, journalist workspaces, free events, transportation

Media GuidelinesSummary of Regulations – A best efforts guide-sheet about relevant legislation and regulation

Official Olympic Links – includes VANOC, IOC, Live Sites, Vancouver, BC, Canada governments, etc.

The Cans and Can’ts of Media During the Olympics on True North Media House


Nepalese skier (1st ever winter Olympic athlete)Cameroon skier


Symposium on Web 2.0 and the Future of Sport Coffee talk with Gold Medalist Ross Rebagliati by you.


Scales on the go by KK

Beijing 2008 Social Media Backpack

New Media Tools for Citizen Reporting at the Beijing Games

The Role of New Web Media at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

Beijing Olympic Explorers Making International Media

Big Questions about China, Olympics, Social Media etc.


Social Media and the Olympics: Change, Social Media and London 2012

Dear Jacques Rogge

Hi – you probably haven’t heard of us – but we are the residents of Leabank Square in Hackney Wick – right opposite your Olympic 2012 site.

I wonder if we may trouble you for a couple of minutes. To make this all the more enjoyable – we are writing this while drinking a delicious cup of coffee. Could we suggest you make yourself one as well – and we could pretend that we’re just two friendly neighbours, having a chat over a cuppa.


Knight News Challenge – Sochi Olympics Project

Amount: $ 600,000

Location: Russia

The people of Sochi, the Russian resort city hosting the 2014 Winter Olympics, will be able to use the latest online tools to both discuss and influence the impact of the games. A web site and database will allow the community to track and debate how the plans are changing life there over a five-year period. The idea is to help residents better prepare for the Olympics, to inform the media about the city’s issues and to use discussions about the games as a way to improve life in Sochi.Organization: City University of New York Graduate School of Journalism; M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University Faculty of Journalism

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