Breaking the Trailer Park Boys – Step 1, bribe with liquor money

Social Media dude Jess Sloss breaks down a blogger outreach campaign launched to drum up attn for a Trailer Park Boys contest to promote a new movie and release of TV series on DVD.

Check the whole “mini case study” at: 3 Tips for Buying Social Media Attention by Jess Sloss on  June 26, 2009.

First, he outlines the gist of the outreach tactics, saying:

The long and short of it is this, they will give me $50, as long as I plop that banner you see in the side bar and send out a tweet.

There’s more too it though. Here’s how they outlined the offer:

The MovieSet gang lifted 4 bags full of Trailer Park Boys DVDs but we can’t hold onto the stash so are giving the booty away with a sweepstakes. We gotta let all of Sunnyvale know about the goods so we’re offering you a bribe to spread the rumors.

Whatcha get:

1. Bottle of Ray’s liquor – $20

2. Bag of Nova Scotia’s finest – $20

3. Kitty – free + $10 for shots

Then comes the money shot:

We’ve done enough law breaking to know we can’t just mail all this contraband so instead we’ll send you a cheque for $50. You gotta be in USA or Canada to get the payola and be invited by specifically. No hanger-ons and groupies.

Then, he outlines the reasons he bought into the pitch:

1) Money isn’t the value proposition
2) The story is more than the sum of it’s parts
3) Humor goes a long way

And wraps up by distilling a few tips (which i heartily endorse):

a) Tell a Story
b) Answer the “why” Question
c) Be Real

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