Curious Cameo: Smiley & Underclass “We all get like this” / music vid

Another curious cameo, this one in a speedy lockdown montage video collage by a punky reggae band from London called Smiley and the Underclass and their song “We All Get Like This” from their EP “The Way To The Bomb” (Bandcamp) released July 1st / + FB & YT

It all flashes by rapidly but if you look sharp, you might see your old pal in the grain barn studio lip-syncing along to the chorus.

Bonus/ Lyrics:

From the outside she seemed perfect
The sun was jealous of her smile
The bees thought her hair was honey
The lightning loved the way she flowed
But never looking in we realised she could not take us in
Never overstanding, overflowing her with sin
Nobody’s ever sorted, not if they’re really truthful
Inside it can be brutal coz this world is getting cold.

We all get like this…
And I will hold your hand until it’s safe to go outside
It will be

What happens when the front door
starts to creak and moan?
And you can’t sleep at nights
The whole world staring at their phones
I promise you, you’re not insane, this bit is really real
And every human soul can feel the fire at their heel
And it can manifest itself in many ugly shapes
You may be down but you know, Love
Once again I say to you…


These pavements hear it all, each lonely secret that you keep inside
Any self-reflection cannibalised by your pride
And though her eyes betrayed the truth nobody stopped to see
And if they did they’d realise
“she’s lost, the same as me”


Copyright Smiley & The Underclass / Timeless Records 2020

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