Meanwhile on the ground in Vancouver,…

Note: Not sure what was is in response to but shared here for posterity and as a clue to reconnect it to context at some unforeseen date – dvo

I think this article was frankly a waste of time which appears to be the result of a few minutes of copying the usual media suspects.

Meanwhile on the ground in Vancouver, many folks are prepping for the first true social media-ready Olympics with publishing communities, grassroots accreditation, and quality crowd-sourced coverage of events leading up to the Games.

These campaigns will continue throughout as the public creates a massive archive of documentation from the official events to the protests to the changes in the urban communities.

Vancouver boasts an active new media business sector as well as a population of artists, activists and academics who are working to change the view of media, our city and the real costs of the Olympics.

If you care to expand on your mainstream pablum coverage, consider poking around the web for a few minutes to see what’s really happening beyond NBC’s insipid coverage and the official sanitized story.

I’m out, i’ve a beer to drink in tribute to a dead Luger.