Miss604‘s Skateboard Week in Vancouver

Check out @Miss604’s Skateboard Week in Vancouver post (featuring my snaps :)

PS my comment:

Thanks for spreading the Longboard hockey coverage – that was a surreal super fun night watching some mad skills on display all through the night.

As we said in Whalley, Skate tuff or Die!


Filmmaker @andrewlavigne says: Thx @Miss604’s Skateboard Week in Vancouver & @uncleweed…reminded of the Seylynn: 

Snippet Skateboard Week in Vancouver:

Photo credit: uncleweed on Flickr

It is officially “Skateboard Week in Vancouver” according to a proclamation made by the Vancouver Park Board on behalf of the City. I remember the days when Vancouver outdoor staircases, plazas, fountains, and buildings were being retrofitted with skateboard-proof knobs and bumps. My, how we’ve come a long way.