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Gigs i can do(ish)

To consider:

Video series/ SMKF

Self-publish books

Prints and postcards of art

Record label / incubator (artist, mentoring, development)

Social for destination

Social/CMTY cultivation consulting

Renegade travel advising

Letter writing

Things to Know about Dave

General Annotations

Long fuse but when it goes…

Correspond affectionately with dozens and dozens

Keep weird hours, not fond of/resist routines and schedules

Dislike injustice, ignorance, manipulation

Waffle between self doubt and personal amazement

Music almost always, TV almost never

Movies: history, documentary, epics and funny with heart of gold

Collect paper things and collect collections (wallet contents, IDs, tickets, pocket knives, books, records, ephemera artifacts)

Travel light and strategic — sometimes wheelchair, decompression hotels

Arts, crafts and cups of tea

Headaches, muscle pain = hours in baths and hot springs

Often live in fantasy ~ other life / time / person

Documenting my whole life

Dislike religion, cults, membership, self-help “gurus”

Excited about forgotten diners, motels, towns

Talk better than type

Either all-in or not at all – including events/parties 

Hobbies and Activities

  • Letter writing/ video dispatches
  • Painting / postcards
  • Audio books
  • Scrapbooking (making and filling)
  • Going elsewhere
  • Talking in cafes
  • Documentaries and olden classics
  • Listening to music
  • Getting buzzed

Ahead by a Decade (or two)

Mountain biking

Nomadic/drifter life

Social documentation

Podcast making

Self publishing

Industrial hemp

VW bus life

Cannabis legalization

Analog photo/scraps

Renegade public speaking