Things to Know about Dave

General Annotations

Long fuse but when it goes…

Correspond affectionately with dozens and dozens

Keep weird hours, not fond of/resist routines and schedules

Dislike injustice, ignorance, manipulation

Waffle between self doubt and personal amazement

Music almost always, TV almost never

Movies: history, documentary, epics and funny with heart of gold

Collect paper things and collect collections (wallet contents, IDs, tickets, pocket knives, books, records, ephemera artifacts)

Travel light and strategic — sometimes wheelchair, decompression hotels

Arts, crafts and cups of tea

Headaches, muscle pain = hours in baths and hot springs

Often live in fantasy ~ other life / time / person

Documenting my whole life

Dislike religion, cults, membership, self-help “gurus”

Excited about forgotten diners, motels, towns

Talk better than type

Either all-in or not at all – including events/parties 

Hobbies and Activities

  • Letter writing/ video dispatches
  • Painting / postcards
  • Audio books
  • Scrapbooking (making and filling)
  • Going elsewhere
  • Talking in cafes
  • Documentaries and olden classics
  • Listening to music
  • Getting buzzed

Ahead by a Decade (or two)

Mountain biking

Nomadic/drifter life

Social documentation

Podcast making

Self publishing

Industrial hemp

VW bus life

Cannabis legalization

Analog photo/scraps

Renegade public speaking

Whatcha think?