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heading to Sommerfest 2009 a German Style Fest…

Brother @danmathias & I will be heading to Sommerfest 2009 a German Style Fest held outdoors on Sunday – Are you coming?

Writer, Activist and Mudracker Cory Doctorow in Vancouver to Talk to ya

Cory Doctorow is mighty.

Besides being former outreach coordinator for EFF (who might save your a$$ one day), he is an editor of massive traffic generating Boing Boing and a well published science fiction writer and lecturer on writing.

Here when i should spew forth praise for this renaissance guy, and linkto all his stuff, .. but … i am mostly posting this so i don’t forget to go see him spiel forth at SFU’s downtown campus (in the Harbour Centre), Thursday, March 8th at 6PM. I reserved a spot, yup in on top of it eh.

I heard his speak at Gnomedex 06 and he is wise, witty and on top of sh!t to be sure.  You are a sucker for not showing up just to check his iconoclast schtick and groove-on specs.

Here’s what he said on his blog (which i pasted here for joyful redundancy):

Vancouver speech, Overclocked launch, Mar 8/9

{photo by Bart Nagel at http://craphound.com/bio.php]

I’m speaking at Vancouver, BC’s Simon Fraser University on March 8/9, in a couple of events that will include launches for my new book, Overclocked — and I’m delighted to note that the book has sold out its entire print run in two weeks and is going back to the presses!

The talk is presented by the Faculty of Applied Sciences’ Leonardo Institute, a non-credit graduate program that examines the risks, uncertainties, ethics, and art of applied science.

Doctorow’s topic is The Totalitarian Urge: total information awareness and the cosmic billiards. “It’s about how technology changes the way we view social problems,” says Doctorow. “Older mechanical technologies make us see the world as deterministic, knowable and manipulable. New emergent technologies like the Internet teach us that control is an illusion, the universe is out of control and laughing at us, and that the more we watch and control, the more problems we have.”

The lecture will be presented twice: Thursday March 8 at 6:00pm in the Fletcher Challenge theatre at SFU Vancouver (515 West Hastings St.) Free. Seating is limited. Reservations, 604-291-5100. Friday March 9 at 3:30pm at SFU Burnaby in Academic Quadrangle, C9001. Free. Arrive early to ensure a seat.

Link, Download poster

Cory Doctorow’s craphound.com >> Blog Archive » Vancouver speech, Overclocked launch, Mar 8/9

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