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Outfit Inspiration / Dave + Ryoko 4-20 Kekkon-shiki

One of the fun things (as it turns out) about putting on a wedding, is all the different outfits. In this case, i’ll need 4-ish outfits throughout the 3 days of activities. Not to be limited in style, i assembled various snippets of inspiration – from poets to fictional agents to military troops – to create looks for the various bits.

In brief: 

  • Registration of wedding at city hall – glen plaid suit (custom made in Chiang Mai, Thailand), tie (tbd) and Italian shoes (thrift store)
  • Ceremony at Shinto shrine – black traditional formal kimono
  • Post-ceremony lunch – another kimono (yukata-esque)
  • Party & ring ceremony – “Prince Charlie” highland wear with Royal Stewart kilt, cape, sock flashes, wing collared shirt with french cuffs and ascot (silk), blue / steel broach and cufflinks and formal sporran, also brown brogues – switch to Jacobite shirt after formal part

What follows are various screencaps, photos and etcetera for inspiration and examples. Eventually we’ll all see how these various components come together for various guises. 

Note: No photo/link provided as these were simply harvested in the wild and used for enjoyment, educational purposes. Need a link? Send a note.

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Ascots are awsum…

Ascots are awsum as evidenced in this grade 12 yearbook photo which I saw yesterday for first time.

Ascots are awsum as evidenced in this grade 12 yearbook photo which I saw yesterday for first time.

I had dropped out and attending Utah Valley Community College but went in for the yearbook photo.

I’d never seen the evidence until visiting pal Cory DeMille in Las Vegas.

Note I used another last name while sequestered in Utah for part of grade 10 & 11 after moving for various schools in Surrey.

Orem High was like an Archie comic book with pep rallies & all that American school stuff.

Between brother Bob Olson & aforementioned Cory and other renegades, we caused all sorts of commotion from raising giant condoms on the flag pole, covering halls with messages of support for MLKJr day and running a rogue campaign for Paul Moody for dictator of the school.

Anyhow, ascots. Love em. Oh and my specs & safari coat are fine accessories as well.