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Bagpipers and Drums at Highland Games, Victoria, Canada

Bagpipes and Drums at Victoria Highland Games, British Columbia, Canada, 2016.
Don’t know the band’s name, nor the song, but i do enjoy hearing the lovely tones. Hope you enjoy as well. 

(another) Bagpipes and Drum at Highland Games, Victoria, Canada

Snippet of bagpipers and drummers at Highland Games, Victoria, Canada, May, 2016.

Bagpipers and Cougars on Robbie Burns Day in Vancouver

A bit of dark and chaotic footage from a bar in Westside of Vancouver where a young piper works through a number while being attacked by a drunken cougar on Robbie Burns day.

Remembrance Day 2011: Japanese Memorial Cenotaph in Stanley Park

Full Remembrance Day ceremony at the Japanese Memorial Cenotaph in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada, including: minute of silence, bagpipers, buglers, reading of Flander’s Field and other respectful meditations. Pardon rough edits etc.

Remembrance Day at UBC, 2009 (plus beach)

At UBC Remembrance Day ceremony – a bit too much bible for me but love bagpipers! I also remember resisters, underground fighters, peaceniks & civilians

We visited Wreck Beach with clothes intact afterwards.

…somethings brewing here at the park…

Hmmm somethings brewing here at the park – rowdies showing up in wigs, bagpiper & tokers in the parking lot – things are looking up