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Memo: of hats, crowns, feathers and expenditures

I’m trying to stop/significantly reduce expenditures on records and hats at current time (being a disabled pensioner holding a lot of “paper” as impetus –coupled with significant amounts of both ^) but then I come in here…

The task was selecting a hat for her father-in-law‘s birthday present and wow, did we get a beauty // a sort of taupe colored straw-ish airy (but wearable into the fall so not just summer) fedora/panama hybrid – not too showy but with some sharp details for discerning eyes, especially the blue hat band– designed in Germany, manufactured in Slovakia, came bundled up in a box, with maintenance instructions, materials to adjust sizing, a blue bow and a big bag.

Learned the proprietor of this shop is third generation (founded in 1945, quite a year to start a business in Japan!) and plays keyboards & sings in a Beatles tribute band like a Japanese Billy Preston.

So, no new hats for me but I did getmajestic, custom-made in Springville, Utah by 100+ year milliner, adjusted and a new feather as a gift.

[update] f-i-l was surprisingly and shockingly thrilled… He’s been really distant this last while and recently had a bit of an injury so my mother-in-law is trying to get him out on more activities so all in all, a real success as they are heading out on an expedition in the next couple of days

Semi-related: And I get that the Beatles follow me around everywhere in Japan but what’s with Michael McDonald suddenly appearing everywhere? Dude is haunting me… with that well-manicured beard and sultry voice… Definitely wants me to buy a hat.

Some details of this hat – which is really more like a crown and as is written in the hat band “completes my earthly collection” with dedication to UNCLE W33D from 2 dear pals & co-conspirators in the B33hive state

Post’d: Pleasing session in the Kura barn

Love when my desk looks like this: 3 bevvies, stacks of cards, fountain pens & ink, stationery ahoy! Swoon

Wife was at tea ceremony so headed into the barn for a session a few days back with a variety of special handmade postcards, my custom stationæry letterhead, fountain pens, various ink colours, three beverages, and assortment of addresses all combined to send musings, sentiments and artistic ephemera to lovely correspondents in locales close and far with affection.

Oh and: In other “not surprising at all“ update, another new record. The Beatles, Abbey Road / Japanese pressing. The original price – back in the day – was ¥2500 (as listed on the “obi” sleeve wrap) >> I paid a little less than that for it by post (along with some other gym. The liner notes have the lyrics in original English with a Japanese translation as well.

Note: i rock discogs.com {not even close to complete collection} and filter by “ships from Japan” and find all kinds of treasures from dozens of different stores and sellers. Always arrive well packed, cleaned and great condition. Finding some great bargains too!

put on a record, take a snooze, enjoy the cool, dark, quiet – sigh

PS Camping Cot added to kura barn studio/lounge for relaxing times when construction noise and commotion over-stims me. Such luxury!

 Are you in the Daveo postal club? Get on the list… You’re smart, you’ll figure out how to get in on the good times.

Diary: Kura record spins & hangs / round-up

You know by know about my splendid and semi-secret “kura” grain barn turned mixed-media studio and lounge filled with artifacts and oddities and media from my rambling years. And you’ve seen my various “round-ups” of re-discovered whatnots. 

Here’s another in which I offer a variety of snapshots captured for no particular reason of records listened to from the variety grab bag. There are hundreds of records, this is not comprehensive representation, though it is representation that this experiences existed in some space and time. This is all,  just evidence of lounging time w/ Strummer, Bragg, Bowie, Keithley and Assoc, Cobain and cohorts, Lightfoot, Fitzgerald, Mangan, Janovitz and Co, and many others. Pull em out, rack em up, repeat. So many, just a few here. 

As an aside, before lil incredible Ichiro arrived, I was spending several-hours-long sessions in here getting projects captured and queued up for #daveo50 but now, the time is delightfully scant so it’s usually just focussed on sitting, enjoying a beverage and listening to a record or two.

Also, I’ve now had 3 guests (note to self: make a guest book) Continue reading Diary: Kura record spins & hangs / round-up